How to Summon Impostors in Among Us

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There are many stories that players have invented regarding the game Among UsAmong them are the reviled players, also called monsters and beasts. These stories are nothing more than creepypastas made to hook the followers of the most renowned players and, obviously, they are used to expand the prevalence of the game.

Assuming that you have been looking for how to collect the frauds of Among Us, you must initially know the most well-known characters to remember them when you have them in front of you:

Patient 0

A green and radioactive fraud with apparent teeth. It is said that he was the main fraud of Among Us, the explanation that the frauds of the game began.

How to call Patient 0?

Enter the game and choose the free mode

Choose the Polus map

Go to the admin room and trust the DVD logo to bounce several times

At this time, go to the decontamination room and go up the ventilation shaft to the example room

Once there, make your personality bounce multiple times on the center table in the room

Climb higher and stay in the decontamination space for Patient0


A red-colored crew member who has transformed and currently pesters players who enter Mira's HQ guide to devour them without anyone noticing. It is said that its body is composed of pieces of meat that are held together by the bones of the spine that are equally apparent, so it seems longer than the others, it also has huge teeth and legs.

How to reunite Redd?

Play a public match in any guide at precisely 3:00 am

Enter with another companion and sit in the antechamber for a couple of moments.

Before starting the game, both players must simultaneously speak the attached code: 4578923

Stay in the lobby for a couple of moments and then exit the game

Get in the game with free mode in Mira HQ guide

Go up to the guide entrance and stay on the sewer grate and that is the place where you will locate the sham.


This charade is supposed to have the option to enter any match, whether it's private or free mode, you'll remember him quickly because he'll be the main person with guns.

How to invoke Un.known?

Play a free match on the Mira HQ map at 3:00am

Go to the side in the Medical Wing and stand next to 16 flares in it

Exit the room and go up to the trading space for 16 seconds

At that time, go downstairs and go to the delivery room and trust the faker to show up

There are about 50 different fakers, each of them has their own custom of summoning it.

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