How to Summon Evil Characters in Among Us

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Assuming that the names sound recognizable to you: Redd, Un.known, 119, Patient0, MC and NPC, surely you like the game Among Us a lot and the paranormal stories that are hidden in it. Numerous players have recounted their experience of experiencing these vile charades appearing in their games or when doing specific bring customs, intriguing others to know how to bring in insidious characters from Among Us and take a stab at it.

Attributes of the evil characters of Among Us

There are numerous customs, each with various advancements depending on the person you need to summon, however they do share specific attributes practically speaking:

Step-by-step instructions to summon evil characters from Among Us

In order for them to appear, you have to play at first light, with 3:00 am being the best opportunity to achieve this.

You must play alone, both in reality and in the game and for this, you must enter the "free mode"

In freemode, pick the Mira guide at HQ or Polus, which is where these beasts are said to spawn most often.

Go to the PC and choose the red disk to become a fraud, for which you have to finish different missions, for example, kill the dummys that come with you

Prepared, currently you must follow different steps according to each character.

Wear them or be the obnoxious characters?

As you probably know, any player can become important to the legend assuming they want to. Remember that changing the username and qualities of your part of the team is very simple and you could try it.

Start with a simple one: 119

This fraud is a person in a red suit with the name 119 and a blade through the head, which you will clearly find as a flyer on the cover exhibit. Currently, you simply need to go into any open game and type in the visit "help" with which you actually want to alarm mutiple.

Imitate the impostor NPC

This one also has intimately known elements, it is a blue person with the name NPC and how you have to go through it is essentially not to satisfy any distributed task, basically when speaking in the visit do any location of the house and say that one lives there of the players, you will perceive how more than one will begin to question assuming that you are really the vilified charade.

turn into a bear

This person has the earth colored suit and starts asking any customer "Would you like to own me?" and makes those who say no panic. It is also very easy to impersonate him.

Beware of these kinds of pranks pretending to be the much-maligned frauds as assuming you use vicious language or really unrefined dangers the engineers will be in every position to remove you from the game and even erase your history and anything you have achieved with it. he .

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