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    How to Summon Crewman 119 in Among Us

    How to Summon Crewman 119 in Among Us

    Welcome to the Truko cash Weblog. There may be many multiplayer games like Among Us, but few are as surrounded by myths and creepypastas as this game is. If you don't believe us, you can look up how many "weird" experiences many players have had, even with characters that are already so well known that everyone knows who they are just by name and will surely try to avoid it.

    One of them is the character 119, whose name many say refers to the well-known code to call emergencies in the US and Mexico: 911, why do they make that association instead of saying that they are random numbers? Well, every time you meet this character, all he does is ask for help. If you want to learn how to summon 119 in Among Us, we will explain it to you below.

    What is 119 like?
    He is a simple crew member to identify because he will always and in all circumstances be red and with a knife to his head, as a general rule he will enter the game and remain standing in exactly the same place in exactly the same place, he never travels the map, he never completes missions, he never says anything other than asking for help or appearing disoriented.

    How to Summon 119 in Among Us

    Although there is no exact formula to ensure that every time you do it it will appear, from what the players who have encountered it affirm, we know that:

    You must play between 1 – 5 in the morning.
    Enter a public match. We don't know exactly how it chooses which one to enter, if it's related to the number of players in it or the ones with a particular name, so this isn't a good filter.
    Choose a game that is in the language of Spain and in the region choose North America. So far there have been no reported cases in which player 119 appears in rooms from another region or speaking in another language, he will always appear speaking in Spanish.
    If you are lucky to find it, you can check that it is by trying to chat. The only thing that will be able to answer you is “help”, if it tells you something else, it is probably not the one you are looking for.
    Player theories
    Many gamers have put themselves to the task of trying to figure out what the one hundred and nineteenth player is trying to do, what its origin is or what it is necessary to ask him so that at some point he decides to answer something different, but so far, nothing it is known with certainty.

    It would seem that logically, he is not a cursed player or a specter, he may simply be a player playing the troll or now, with his popularity, he may be a group of people who have agreed to become the mythical character and thus way to frighten more people at the same time.

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