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    How to ride a horse in Minecraft

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    • Preliminary information
    • How do you ride a horse in Minecraft
    • How to ride a horse in Minecraft
    • How to ride a donkey in Minecraft
    • How to ride a mule in Minecraft
    • How to ride a zombie horse in Minecraft
    • How to ride a skeleton horse in Minecraft

    Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to ride a horse in minecraft, I think you might be interested in learning more about the various types of ride-on animals in the game.

    Well, on Minecraft there are horses, donkeys, muli, zombie horses e horses skeleton. The various types of animals differ from each other for appearance, vIn your languagety, releases (drop), experience e Inventory. In addition, zombie and skeleton horses can be used by enemies and injure the player (eg through lightning that generate skeletons).

    Riding a horse can be very useful for moving fast, as it is still possible to use many objects even while in the saddle. When riding, the health bar of the player is replaced by that of the horse, while instead of the experience bar there is the jump bar. Horses can also, depending on their type, be mated, fed, mounted on armor and attached to fences.

    Usually, all you have to do to find a horse in the mode Survival of Minecraft is to explore the Pianura biome. In case you have the Java version of Mojang title, you can also use i cheat (i.e. the tricks) to make the various horses appear: to take advantage of this possibility, during the creation of the game in Minecraft, you must have activated the voice commands.

    To proceed, press the button T on the keyboard and type one of the following commands: /summon horse ~ ~ ~, to bring up a horse; /summon donkey ~~~, to bring up a donkey; /summon mule ~ ~ ~, to bring up a mule; /summon zombie_horse ~ ~ ~, to spawn a zombie horse or /summon skeleton_horse ~ ~ ~, to bring up a skeleton horse. Then press the button Submit keypad to confirm.

    If, on the other hand, you are playing in Creative, you just need to open theInventory and use the right egg for your needs. There are five types of eggs: horse builder egg, donkey builder egg, mule spawner egg, horse skeleton builder egg e zombie horse spawner egg.

    So just place this object on the ground and the chosen horse will appear. If you want to practice, my advice is therefore to ride horses in Creative mode.

    How do you ride a horse in Minecraft

    As you may have already guessed, being able to "tame" a horse could be very useful for the continuation of your adventure on Minecraft. Below you will find all the details of the case.

    How to ride a horse in Minecraft

    The "standard" Minecraft horse can appear in dozens of different colors, but usually has shades ranging from white to black.

    The first thing you need to do is get one saddle. You can find this item in the breakage present within the game world. Chests are usually found in houses of the blacksmiths and in underground areas. Otherwise, you can get a saddle by coming to one level 3 exchange with peasant with a white apron. Of course, in Creative mode you will find the saddle already in the inventory. For more details, I invite you to consult my guide on how to make the saddle in Minecraft.

    Once you have the saddle, approach the horse, remove any items from your inventory and continues to "pamper him" holding down the key with which you usually place objects (eg right mouse button on PC). The first attempt will probably "fail": the horse will make you fall from its saddle.

    However, after a few attempts, you should finally be able to "tame" it: to signal this, gods will appear little hearts on the screen. For more information, you may want to take a look at my guide on how to tame a horse in Minecraft.

    At this point, get off (using, for example, the key Left Shift on PC) and place the saddle previously obtained on the horse's rump. You may have to drag thesaddle icon from your inventory to the block at the top left of theinventory of the horse. Once this is done, just press on croup of the horse, to start riding it.

    Once in the saddle, you will be able to move as you usually do, but in this case you will be controlling the horse instead of your avatar. You can also blow up (using, for example, the space bar on PC): the more you hold down, the higher the horse will jump. At the bottom, then, you can view the jump bar and health (in Survival mode).

    I remind you that, while you are in the saddle, you can also use certain types of objects. However, to be able to return to your character's maximum abilities, you will need to get off the horse.

    I point out that the horse can also wear a 'armor: just place it in the slot at the top left, under where you put the saddle. There are four types of armor: iron harness, gold harness, diamond harness e leather harness.

    Of course, in Creative mode, you already have everything available in your inventory. In Survival mode, however, the horse's armor can be found in trunks of the dungeons and fortresses of the Nether.

    Please note that you can also use a leash, to be followed by the horse, or attach it to a fence, so that it does not run away. 

    If you really can't figure out what kind of horse you managed to tame, just open theInventory (using, for example, the key E on the PC keyboard) and all the relative indications will appear on the screen. Perfect, now you have learned how to ride horses in Minecraft!

    How to ride a donkey in Minecraft

    In Minecraft, the donkeys they are visually distinguished from horses due to their longer ears and smaller size.

    On top of that, donkeys also have a pretty cool feature: they can carry a trunk, inside which you can place all the objects you want to take with you: by taking advantage of this possibility, you can expand your inventory and carry more objects.

    The additional slots provided by the trunk are available directly at the top right, in theinventory of the donkey. The latter, however, cannot have armor, unlike the horse.

    For the rest, the method for taming the donkey is the same as I explained in the chapter on how to ride a horse. Put simply, just get close, "cuddle" until i appear little hearts on the screen and enter a saddle.

    How to ride a mule in Minecraft

    Il mulo it recognizes itself in Minecraft because it is a "middle ground" between a horse and a donkey. It is closer to the size of a horse, but its ears are those of a donkey.

    In the Mojang game, mules are in fact obtained by mating a horse and a donkey. To do this, you need to activate the love mode, giving food golden apples e golden carrots to horses and donkeys. These items are created by placing a carrot or apple in the center of the crafting grid and surrounding them with gold bars.

    Mules can carry i trunks like donkeys, but they cannot mount armor and do not mate. For the rest, to tame a mule you must always use the usual method described in the chapter on how to ride a horse.

    How to ride a zombie horse in Minecraft

    Il zombie horse it is nothing more than a type of horse with green skin and black eyes. By default, zombie horses cannot be ridden. Also, in some cases, they can be aggressive and attack the player.

    In any case, if you really want to ride a zombie horse, you can do it using the appropriate commands available for the Java version of Minecraft. To proceed, press the button T on the keyboard, to open the command screen, and type /summon zombie_horse ~ ~ ~ {Tame:1}, then confirming with the key Submit.

    Perfect, now you just have to press on zombie horse as soon as it appears on the screen, mount one saddle And that's it.

    How to ride a skeleton horse in Minecraft

    even the horse skeleton it is not rideable by default on Minecraft. In certain cases, it can also attack the player, generating, through a lightning bolt, different and dangerous skeletons.

    However, if you really want to have a rideable skeleton horse, you can get it by going through the commands available in the Java version of Minecraft. To do this, open the gods tab commandsby pressing the button T on the keyboard, type /summon skeleton_horse ~ ~ ~ {Tame:1} I awarded Submit, to make the skeleton horse appear on the screen.

    Great, now you can get on the back of the horseby simply pressing on it. I remind you that, in order to start riding it, you have to mount one saddle.

    How to ride a horse in Minecraft

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