How to Play Zombie Mode in Among Us

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For the acquaintances among us, we have news for you: today you can have the smartest possible solution. How? Thanks to the mods made by the engineers. Do you want to know how to play in zombie mode in Among Us? Here you have everything you want to learn.

This is what zombie mode looks like in Among Us

The moment you complete the settlement and reopen the game, you will make a public match and see that you are currently dressed in blue as a policeman. A small banner will appear in your mind where your username normally appears, and it will say "Zombies are coming in 3..2..1..." when the clock runs out, one of the team will turn green. He is the zombie.

Instructions to play zombie mode in Among Us

Its central objective is exceptionally clear: when it moves to another part of the team, it will transform it into a zombie too and you will understand that it will also change its hue to ordinary green. You don't have to do more than touch the other player to switch on them. You can continue doing missions and everything as in the ordinary game, however here the victory will be assuming that there are more police or on the other hand in the case that there are more zombies.

First stage: find out about mods

Mods are documents used to "alter" games. They are not limited to Among Us, there are actually millions for all games. At the moment when we talk about mods, we talk about the possibility of using them to have each of the skins, remove the advertising and for this situation, to make game modes that are not accessible in the first application.

To have it, you need to download it on your PC. Search the web for “Among Us zombie method mod” and pages like Holy Mod will definitely appear in the top results. Blur the record and then duplicate the reports that appear there to move them to the first game organizer.

Second step: check that the mod works

When you insert the documents into the organizer, open the Among Us game and a small symbol should appear at the bottom of the screen that says below it. This implies that you are on another server where zombie mode is accessible. If you have it, you are ready.

Third step: make the zombie game

Make a public game in the guide you need however while you are in the lobby you should open the tour and type /commands and hit enter then at that point type /gamemode zombies like this another banner will appear stating that the change it has been done.

As you are on an unexpected server compared to the first game, all things considered, you will not consider numerous players or accessible rooms in contrast to each other. However, with the incredible craze this zombie mode has had, it won't be hard to find a match or the players you want.

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