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    How to Play Among Us in Real Life

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    Imagine a game as famous as Among Us in which individuals try to have every last bit of it: toys, outfits, themed gatherings... In any case, the potential results are priceless. In actuality, imagine it can become significantly larger than that, where individuals have to play the game, in reality. Sounds pretty fascinating, right? In short, here is everything you want to know to know how to play Among Us, in reality.

    This is a thought that started as a joke, where some entertainers and jokers make recordings where they imagine what the quests look like to the individuals in the house and what could be the method to distinguish the frauds, however, nobody the idea. that this thought was so well known in relation to a meeting of individuals to organize how to put it into action.

    Locate the ideal space

    Depending on the number of individuals who are going to be playing Among Us With you, you will need a huge space where they can stow, complete quests, and gather. A two-story location would be the ideal climate as this way the players would not always be in sight, having a few accessible rooms will allow the shams to stowaway and give them enough chance to escape after "getting rid" of a part of the team.

    Make the missions

    The more comparative they are with the game, the better. For example, in the game there is a mission to match links, which you can reproduce effectively by simply using paper and drawing the circles from side to side so that the players can interconnect them. Assuming most of the team does, it would be a mission won.

    Laboratory tests You can also reproduce them by putting at least 4 glasses with various fluids and a component that makes only one of them respond. That is, assuming you put a shadow on the water, you will have 4 glasses of blue water for example, but in the event that one of the glasses has one more component than water, the response of this will change.

    Choose the frauds and the team

    Before starting the game, write the words "crewman" is "imposter" and ask your companions to choose a role and not discover their work. Afterwards, everyone will realize the abilities that they must finish without saying anything else.

    Assign the crisis meeting room

    With a specific room or room it will be enough for the players to meet and discuss or decide in favor of the part of the team that must leave the game.

    let the big begin

    You already have the missions, the jobs, the meeting room and the game just has to start. Assuming that it is a sham that is going to "get rid" of another player, the fraud should be limited to asking the other to remain solidly in a similar but located place, so that the others realize that he has finished playing and that They must meet to discover who has achieved it. .

    If you want it to be much more genuine, dress like the characters.

    Ask your classmates to choose a tone and dress just in that tone. This will be a significantly closer encounter to the first round of Among Us.

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