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Thought regarding each of the individuals that are going to go into the fraudsters experience and the Among Us team on PC. No doubt, you definitely know the elements of the game and you have been educated a lot by your peers, so after the introduction on your PC, the next question must be How to move in Among Us on PC? also this is the place where you will learn.

Step-by-step instructions to move in Among Us on PC

In case you have introduced the game with Steam

To move your personality in multiple games, use the W (up), A (left), D (right) or S (down) keys.

With the space bar you can perform an activity

Press Tab to open the guide

E to report a dead

Q to kill

Enter to communicate something specific in the visit

In case you introduced the game with BlueStacks (free form or on Mac)

Remember how BlueStacks tries to bring an Android gadget back to your Windows PC or Mac, so here you have two development options: with the console or the touch.

At the moment when you are in the game, click on the things button to open the settings menu.

In the general segment, you decide to use the joystick controls (console) or (contact)

Assuming you choose the console, the commands will actually be equivalent to the ones we've been referring to recently: WASD, Space, Tab, E, Q, Enter.

Assuming you choose the contact, the main thing that will change is that you will not need the WASD keys to move, but you will have to use the mouse and fit in the area of ​​​​the guide where you need your symbol to go, the other keys and their commands continue as usual.

One great thing about BlueStacks is that it allows you to keep the console letters you need to use for each second on the game screen, so it will be exceptionally valuable in core games when you haven't studied each command yet. To enact it you just have to go to the BlueStacks side menu (which is not the very dark thing that looks bigger in the game) and click on the molded symbol of the console, in it, activate the option called "On-screen controls" And Currently, regardless of where you are in the guide to the safe action you do, you will always get which key to press.

Another capability that BlueStacks allows is that you can redo the keys used in the game to move and do missions. Simply tap on the console prompt within the BlueStacks stage and currently select the “Open Progressed Supervisor” option to go ahead in the menu. Actually it will show you every one of the controls in the game and by tapping on each one you will really want to make another key.

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