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    How to Minimize Screen Among Us

    More and more individuals are urged to try the Among Us game, and how not to do it when the most popular game in recent times has made the variants to play from PC, phones, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, to all Free effects for all stages, so there's no reason not to download it.

    For individuals who have additionally begun their participation in the game up to this point and have opted to try it through the PC variant, it is vital to know the essential tools like evolving the language, making your registration, or even how to limit Among Us.

    The most effective method to minimize Among Us

    Enter the game on the PC and open it.

    Towards the beginning of the game, you will see options, for example, "near", "on the web", "how to play" and "free mode" that you can investigate later, until it becomes clear that the main thing that intrigues us is the small 5 symbols that appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the second, the one of things.

    Clicking that button will open the settings menu. You will see 3 submenus at the top, just select the one called "Layouts".

    It will currently show you the goal you have the game on and an option called "full screen" Click on that to turn it off and a "no" will appear right before,

    When you apply these new settings, you will see that the game is no longer full screen and you can move the window anywhere you need, even limit it.

    To change the size of the game window that launches when you choose not to need full screen, the main extra step you need to make is to go to the Resolution option that appears not far in the Graphics menu and simply change the slider to the aspects you need.

    The more you move the highlighter to the far right, the larger the window will be, while moving it to the left will make the window more modest. The moment you feel comfortable with the size of the window, essentially hit apply for the progressions to produce results.

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