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    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft


    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    Before going to explain how to make the strongest sword in minecraft, it is good that you are aware of all the materials necessary to be able to build it. In the following paragraphs you will find everything you need to create the sword in question, so all you have to do is continue reading!

    Resources needed

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    In order to build the strongest sword of Minecraft, first of all you will need one diamond sword to be transformed into its more powerful counterpart, namely the Netherite sword. In this regard, therefore, you will also need a diamond pickaxe to collect Netherite. You can also find a more detailed guide about it, where I explain how to find Netherite in Minecraft.

    If you have trouble finding the diamonds you need to create the tools you need, I refer you to my guide where I show you how to find diamonds in Minecraft.

    At this point, you have to head into the Nether by creating the typical portal with theobsidian. In this dimension, in fact, you can start looking for the netherite to improve the sword.

    Netherite in the Nether is present in the form of Ancient debris, so you will have to research these blocks. Remember that these types of blocks do not spawn on the surface, so you won't be able to spot them just by walking around the Nether, but you'll need to dig.

    The location of the Ancient Debris is located between theY axis 119 and 8, and is more concentrated around theheight 15. For this reason, I recommend that you head to the height I just mentioned before continuing with your research, so as to speed up the process.

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    After you have collected the ancient debris, you need to put them inside one furnace together with del fuel (as the carbon, wood or the washed). By doing so, for each block of ancient debris cooked you will get 1 unit of Netherite Shard.

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    At this point you are almost there: you just have to create the Netherite. To do this, you need to open a workbench by right clicking on it. At this point, place 4 units of Netherite Shards e 4 units of Gold Bars inside and you will get 1 Netherite Bar. To strengthen any tool or piece of diamond armor, all you need is a single Netherite Bar, so the 4 Netherite Shards you used will be enough.

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    You also need additional items to create the most powerful sword, namely i enchanted books. Thanks to these, it is possible to improve and modify the statistics of the weapon, going to make it as strong as possible.

    First, therefore, you need to get hold of books. In case you don't know how to create them, I refer you to my special guide where I explain how to make a book on Minecraft.

    Now you need to create a Spell table, inside which you can enchant books. Again, if you don't know how to build it, you can consult my guide where I explain how to build a spell table in Minecraft.

    In addition, you will also need to create some library, useful for increasing the available level of spells when placed around the Spell Table (up to a maximum of 27). In case you need tips to create them, I invite you to consult my guide where I explain how to make a library on Minecraft.

    Creating enchantments requires two additional resources, namely theexperience and Lapis Lazuli. To get a lot experience, I suggest you read my special guide where I show you how to make an experience farm on Minecraft. As for the Lapis LazuliInstead, you can find them quite easily underground and in caves, so all you need to do is arm yourself with a pickaxe and dig!

    Inside the spell table you also have the option to enchant the sword itself, without having to enchant the books. However, I do not recommend using this method, as the spells that are drawn are always random and you may therefore find yourself with an enchantment that you do not need.

    As for the types of spells, I recommend that you get some books that contain spells Sharpening V, Aspect of fire II e Slashing Blade III, which are the most popular and effective on the sword.

    Creation of the sword

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    Now that you have everything you need for create the strongest sword in Minecraft, you can continue with its construction.

    First of all you need to enhance a sword in diamond and turn it into a Netherite sword. To do this, you need to get a Forging bench. You can create this object by placing 4 units of Wooden Planks e 2 units of Iron Ingots inside a bank gives lavoro.

    Once this is done, place the Forging bench on the ground, do click destroy on it and enter a Diamond sword e 1 Netherite Bar inside. By doing so, you will get one Sword of Netherite!

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    All you have to do now is add the enchanted books that you created previously, as I explained to you in the previous chapter, within aAnvil together with Netherite sword that you forged just now. The result will be one enchanted Netherite sword with the spells you have chosen. That's all! Easy, right?

    Mod to create the strongest sword in Minecraft

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    If you are not satisfied with classic Minecraft swords and you are looking for more creative and challenging weapons, then you could resort to using a against. Thanks to it, you can add extra content to the game to make your game more exciting.

    However, keep in mind that mods can only be used in the Java Edition of the game, which is the one available exclusively on PC. For this reason, if you are playing Minecraft using the Bedrock Edition, which is the version available on consoles, mobile devices and Windows 10, I must warn you that you will not be able to make use of the mods.

    I also want to invite you to be careful about the sites you visit when trying to download something, as they may contain malware and damage your computer. Therefore, I recommend that you always check the trustworthiness of sites when you are visiting the Web and stumble upon unknown sites.

    That said, you need to know that in order to use mods on Minecraft, you need Forge, a custom client made just for this kind of thing. In case you don't know how to get it, just consult my special guide where I show you how to install Minecraft Forge.

    After you get the Forge, you can proceed to download the mod. The one I recommend you use for better swords is the Useless Sword, which will add dozens of different swords and each with its own power.

    You can download the Useless Sword via the official page of the mod by clicking on the button Download. Through this page, I also invite you to check that the version of the mod is compatible with the version of Forge you are using, otherwise the game may cause problems.

    After downloading the mod, you need to drag and drop the fillet inside the Minecraft mod folder. To do this, start by typing the key combination Win + R to call up the menu Run, then write % Appdata% I awarded Submit. At this point, you just have to get to the folder .minecraft > mods and move the fillet of the mod inside. In case you can't find the folder, you could try turning on the hidden folder view.

    If you are playing Minecraft with a Mac, the mod folder can be found via the following path: ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / mods.

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    Now that the mod has been loaded into Minecraft, all you have to do is start the game. Once this is done, go to the tab installations and then press the button New installation. Under the heading VERSION, you have to click on box and select the version of Forge suitable for mod. When you are done press the button Save and finally on the button Play.

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

    You are now ready to use the mod! At the moment, the Useless Sword includes over 80 swords: these vary from the most classic, based only on greater damage than the basic ones of Minecraft, up to the most imaginative and different. In addition, the swords are all craftable, so you can also enjoy the mod in Survival mode.

    If you are looking for more offensive swords, there are some that allow you to set the enemy on fire without the need for enchantments, or to chain them to the ground to immobilize them. If, on the other hand, you were looking for some sword more focused on the utilities it can provide, there are swords that allow you to float, or others that give you an additional inventory compartment. In short, the Useless Sword adds great content to Minecraft, so try it now and you will see that you will not regret it!

    How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

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