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    How to make the saddle in Minecraft

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    • How to find a saddle in Minecraft
    • How to put a saddle on Minecraft
    • How to create a saddle on Minecraft via mod
    • Mod to get saddles in Minecraft

    How to find a saddle in Minecraft

    After taming a horse (a procedure I told you about in another guide of mine), you need one saddle to be able to ride it and go around the world of Minecraft. Unfortunately, however, the saddle is an object that cannot be created: it must be found. Where is it? I'll tell you right away.

    You have a good chance of finding a saddle inside the trunks placed in specific places in the world of Minecraft. The place where you are most likely to find a saddle is there Nether fortress, which I told you about in my guide on how to make the Nether portal.

    You can also find the saddle inside the trunks in the jungle temples, In the desert temples or in those of City of the End. I told you in detail about this last place in my guide on how to find the End portal. Even in the trunks present in the NPC villages you may have a good chance of finding a saddle.

    Also, in the villages, there are NPCs with the profession of Leathermaker which allow exchanges to be made in exchange for resources. By making more and more exchanges with a leathermaker, the level of trade is increased, up to the maximum one (Maestro), which allows you to purchase a saddle us 6 emeralds.

    Finally, although very low, you have the possibility of obtaining a saddle during the fishery. On this topic, you can consult this guide of mine, in which I explained how to create one fishing pole and how to fish within the game.

    How to put a saddle on Minecraft

    If you want to know like putting on a saddle to a horse or any suitable mount in Minecraft, what you need to do is pay attention to the procedure that I will describe in the next lines.

    First, make sure you have one saddle in the inventory. Once this is done, interact with a tamed equine by holding down the key Shift and right mouse button, in order to open the inventory panel of the animal.

    Now, place the saddle in the slot located at the top left, so as to equip it on the animal's back. At this point, press Esc, to exit the screen, and interact with the right mouse button to ride the animal.

    How to create a saddle on Minecraft via mod

    As I already told you in a previous chapter of this tutorial, you cannot create a saddle in Minecraft, as it is only possible to find it in the game world or buy it from special NPCs in the villages. If, despite this, you still want to create it, a special mod that enables the recipe for its realization can help you.

    In this regard, I recommend you to use Recipes and More, available on, in the section related to Minecraft. To install the mod, first, you need to download Minecraft forge, a free tool that allows you to enable the use of these add-ons on Minecraft.

    To do this, go to the official Minecraft Forge site and click on the icon Windows Installer. Once the download is complete, double-click the fillet just downloaded and, in the box that is shown to you, press the button OK, to complete the operation.

    At this point, download the mod via the link I provided you by clicking on the button Download latest file that you find in the upper right area. After downloading the JAR, reach the path C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft and open the folder mods. If you don't find it, create it manually.

    Now, place the file JAR of the mod Recipes and More inside the folder mods and start the launcher di Minecraft.

    Great, we're almost there! Click on the icon , located next to the key Play, and choose the profile Forge. Then you just have to press the button Play to start Minecraft with mod support.

    After you enter a new or existing Minecraft world, place 3 leather units, 2 of cord e 2 iron ingots in a bank gives lavoro: by doing so, you will immediately get one saddle, without you having to go around the world of Minecraft looking for one. Convenient, right?

    Mod to get saddles in Minecraft

    In Minecraft there is only one type of saddle available that allows you to ride an equine, without adding any effect or additional functionality. Through the use of a special mod, Horse Tweaks, however, it is possible to create saddles with additional effects that enhance the mount.

    For example, you can create a saddle that allows the horse to swim or even gallop on the surface of the water. You can also create one that nullifies any fall damage or allows you to walk through the thickest forests by walking on leaves.

    In case you are interested in this mod, you will need to install first Minecraft forge and then place the file JAR of the mod inside the folder mods present in the Minecraft root path. In this regard, I suggest you read what I have already described to you in this chapter of the guide, to be able to download and install the mod Horse Tweaks on your PC.

    How to make the saddle in Minecraft

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