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    How to make the furnace in Minecraft


    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    La Furnace it is an essential tool for many types of "craft" present in Minecraft. Just think that many recipes require the use of resources that you can quickly obtain only by melting specific materials: alternatively, you would be forced to find them in the trunks scattered around the world of Minecraft, hoping to have luck.

    In case you were wondering how to make a furnace in minecraft, know that you can do this easily, without using hard-to-find resources. In fact, all you need to build one is the Crushed stone.

    This material is very common, to the point that most likely you won't even need to travel to find it. In fact, the Crushed stone it can be obtained from the blocks of Pietra, which you can commonly find both on the surface and in very large quantities underground.

    You can easily extract it by equipping yourself with a Pickaxe. It does not matter what material it is made of, as it is also a simple one Wooden Pickaxe is able to break the stone to obtain the crushed stone. Although the stone can also be destroyed with bare hands, you will not be able to obtain any units of Crushed Stone through this operation.

    You can make a Wooden Pickaxe simply by placing, on a workbench, 3 units of Wooden Planks e 2 units of Staff. Both materials are the result of processing in a workbench of the Logs of Wood on multiple processes, which you can very well collect even with your bare hands by interacting on a tree.

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    At this point, to create a furnace, interact on a workbench to open its management interface. Once this is done, place them in the appropriate slots 8 units of Crushed Stone, so as to obtain one Furnace.

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    In addition to the normal furnace, it is also possible to make tools that can make resource smelting even more efficient. An example are the Forno tool and l 'Smoker. Both objects, although their construction is optional (as the Furnace is already more than enough), allow you to increase the processing speed of resources by double.

    Obviously, each of these two tools only accepts specific resources, unlike the Furnace: the Melting Oven allows you to melt objects and work mineral resources, while the Smoker allows you to cook food. In addition, they also have the purpose of enabling specific tasks to NPCs in villages still without a profession.

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    To manufacture a Forno tool, place on a workbench 5 units of Iron Ingots, 1 unit of Furnace e 3 units of Polished Stone. THE Iron ingots you get them by merging del Raw Iron in a furnace, as well as for the Polished stone, merging of the Crushed stone. As for theSmokerInstead, you have to place it in a workbench 1 unit of Furnace e 4 units of Wood.

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    Finally, even if not strictly connected to the functions of a furnace, I can also recommend the construction of a Mining Cart with Furnace. The latter is an object that does not have the purpose of melting resources, but that of moving autonomously on the tracks using fuel and without using the Powered Tracks in redstone - in short, to be used as if it were a locomotive.

    You can create the Mining Cart with Furnace inserting, in a workbench, 1 unit of Furnace e 1 unit of Cart. The latter, you can manufacture it by putting together 5 units of Iron Ingots in a workbench.

    How to turn on the furnace in Minecraft

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    A furnace, in order to operate, must be supplied with fuel. Many materials can be used for this purpose, but only some are truly more effective than others, as they allow multiple processes in the furnace with the use of a single unit.

    For example, using del Wood, of any type, as fuel for the furnace it is possible to melt 1,5 materials for each unit of Wood. Using del Coalinstead, 8 materials can be processed for each unit of this fuel.

    But the best resource you can use to power a furnace is Lava. Collecting lava with a Bucket, you can then use it in a furnace to process 100 materials with a single unit of Lava bucket.

    That said, to turn on the furnace on Minecraft, what you have to do is interact on it, to open its management interface, and insert the fuel in the slot located at the bottom. By doing this, the furnace will be ready to start processing the materials.

    How to use the furnace in Minecraft

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    To use a furnace, after placing it on a block, the first thing you need to do is add some fuel: it is an essential operation, otherwise you will not be able to process any resources. In this regard, I advise you to read what I have already illustrated to you in the previous chapter.

    After fueling the furnace, the next step is to enter the resources you need to melt. These must be added to the only remaining upper block. Therefore, after performing this operation, you will notice how the arrow icon begins to fill up over time: at the end of it completely, you will find the new resources in the slot next to it.

    How to make automatic furnace in Minecraft

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

    The process of crafting a furnace requires player intervention whenever resources and fuel are depleted. To overcome this, all you need to do is use the Hopper, to ensure that the resources are gradually loaded into the furnace without interrupting the manufacturing process.

    Therefore, if you want build an automatic furnace on minecraft, what you have to do is follow the procedures that I will describe to you. Know that the operating principle is the same that I have already described to you in this guide of mine to create an automatic warehouse. The difference is that you will not have to use the chest to collect the filtered material, but a furnace.

    By applying the advice I gave you in the other guide, you will be able to create more automatic furnaces that can sort different materials, based on the configured filter, without having to sort anything, as you can simply throw all the resources in a single chest .

    Below, however, I want to explain the mechanism of a basic automatic furnace, without any filtering system. All you have to do is place 3 Hoppers around the Furnace: one must be placed right above the furnace, another on its side, while the last one just below it. As for the latter Hopper, a trunk must be placed next to it.

    I'll explain in detail how this system works: the resource to be melted is added to the furnace in a completely automatic way through the upper hopper; via the side hopper, you will refuel the furnace with fuel. Finally, the lower hopper is the one that will collect the new manufactured resources, which will be stowed inside a trunk. On the other hoppers you can place chests that will contain the resources to be processed and the fuel.

    How to make the furnace in Minecraft

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