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  • What is a bed for in Minecraft
  • Making the bed on Minecraft
    • Gather the necessary materials
    • Create a workbench
    • Making a bed
  • How to change the color of a bed

What is a bed for in Minecraft

Un bed in Minecraft it takes up the space of two blocks and has two main purposes: to allow your avatar to sleep and to set a point of rebirth, in case of loss of all life points.

Your avatar can be put to sleeping on the bed only during the night or a thunderstorm. When these conditions occur, after a few moments the day-night phase is accelerated, passing directly to the next sunrise. In the event of a thunderstorm, the avatar will wake up the next morning with a clear sky.

However, the bed cannot be used as a ploy to speed up the growth of crops or the processing of materials in the furnace, as it has no effect on these. Even in multiplayer mode, the bed has this function but, in order for it to occur, all players on the server must sleep at the same precise moment.

Also, it is not possible to sleep if there are hostile creatures nearby. Normal condition can only be restored if the creatures move away or are eliminated.

In addition to this functionality, the bed also allows you to set a point of rebirth, in the event that your avatar should succumb during exploration. In this case, after sleeping on a bed for the first time, it will automatically be set as the new respawn point.

In case the bed is destroyed, the default respawn point will be reset. Therefore, it is necessary to place the bed in safe shelters, to avoid being reborn in a place that is perhaps too far from one's shelter, to which it is not possible to return.

Having said that, it is fair to point out that, when accessing the Nether, it is not possible to place a bed to sleep in, thus setting a rebirth point within this world. In fact, if a player tries to sleep on a bed placed in the Nether, it causes it to explode, igniting what is around it.

When interacting on the bed to sleep on it, there is a button named on the screen Get up, to awaken the avatar and return to game activity.

Making the bed on Minecraft

If the description I gave you in the previous paragraph about this object intrigued you, you just have to read the next lines to find out how to make a bed in the shelter.

Gather the necessary materials

The first step is to get the materials needed for the making a bed. The raw material to be collected is the lana. This material is collected from both cobwebs that spiders leave when they are killed, both by shearing sheep via the shears.

Getting this tool is simple, but it requires some essential steps. First, build a pickaxe, through the materials that are requested of you through the cookbook (Basic wooden planks and sticks are required to make a wooden pickaxe).

Once this is done, enter one mine, which you can find by exploring the surrounding world, and collect gods crude iron blocks. The latter must then be processed in a furnace to turn them into iron ingots.

At this point, in a bank gives lavoro (I'll explain how to build it in the next paragraph), arrange two units of iron ingots diagonally to make some shears, equip yourself with this tool and get close to a sheep, to shear it and get up to three units of lana.

As already mentioned, you can also create wool from cobwebs (cords) that leave the spiders to kill them. Once gathered, access a workbench and arrange four units of string to form a square and thus create a block of wool.

The second and last material needed to make a bed is made up of wooden boards: these are obtained from the processing of trunks, which you can collect by hitting a tree with your bare hands or an ax.

Obtained the wooden logs, open the inventory and place them in the section Manufacturing, to get the axes immediately.

Now that you have all the materials, in the next section I will show you how to make a workbench for making a bed.

Create a workbench

To proceed to making a bed, it is essential to obtain the lana and wooden boards, which must be placed inside a bank gives lavoro. Since you already have the basic materials thanks to the advice I indicated in the previous lines, let's see how to build a workbench.

Using an ax or using the avatar's bare hands, hit a tree to get gods trunks. Once this is done, open the inventory and, in the section Manufacturing, place the logs to get some assi. At this point, place a plank unit on all four available squares to make one bank gives lavoro.

Now, you just have to move it to the shortcut bar to equip it and place it inside the shelter.

Making a bed

If you've come this far, you finally have all the materials and tools at your disposal making a bed. Go to the workbench and place the i wool blocks on three panels horizontally. Now, enter three units of in the three boxes below axes, also arranged horizontally.

By doing so, a preview of a bed will be shown immediately. I warn you that the wool must all be the same color, otherwise it will not be possible for you to make a bed. As for the wooden planks, you can also place them with different wood qualities.

Drag the bed into inventory or directly into the shortcut bar. By doing so, you can equip him to place him in the shelter.

How to change the color of a bed

As you could have guessed from the previous paragraph, a bed can have several colors (there are sixteen in total). This depends on the color of the wool used when making this object.

change the color of the wool, you first need a dye, which can be achieved by working and combining some materials found in nature. For example, placing a red tulip in the workbench, color can be extracted red, while you give sunflowers you can get the yellow.

Once you have the dye, just equip it and get close to a sheep. At this point, interact on it to change the color of its wool. Alternatively, go to a workbench and place the wool and dye inside it to change its color. Easy, right ?!

How to make the bed in Minecraft

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