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    How to make fences in Minecraft


    • Preliminary information
    • How to make fences in Minecraft
      • Gather the necessary materials
      • Making a fence
      • I will create an enclosure for your Minecraft
    • Mod to make fences on Minecraft

    Preliminary information

    La Fence it is an element that cannot be missing in a shelter in Minecraft. In fact, in addition to being a decorative object to be placed in the garden, in the event that a villa is built, it also allows animals to be contained, so that they do not go around in an uncontrolled way.

    You should know, in fact, that although the fence visually occupies only 1 block of space in height, it actually occupies 1,5. This means that it cannot be overridden by almost all creatures that populate the world of Minecraft. An exception is made for spiders, as they literally climb the fence.

    Given this property, fences are also useful for other purposes, other than to contain and protect animals. Think, for example, if the area you explore the most is made up of crevasses: creating a protective railing with fences will allow you to avoid accidental falls.

    In addition, they are also very useful for attaching ropes to them: if you have captured an animal and are keeping it on a leash, you can connect it to the fence, so that you can let go. By doing so, the animals will remain tied up near the place where you left them, without them being able to escape.

    How to make fences in Minecraft

    If you want to know how to make fences in minecraft, in the next chapters I will provide you with various information that will allow you to perform this operation easily, without you having to waste precious time.

    Gather the necessary materials

    La Fence consists mainly of wood. This material is easily found in game, even without using special tools. All you have to do is interact with your bare hands on the trees or use an ax on them, in order to obtain the Logs of Wood.

    I warn you, however, that wooden fences could be weak, as they can easily be demolished with an ax. For this reason, it may be safer to make them with another stronger material, in Bricks of the Nether, which is less fragile, as it can only be demolished with a pickaxe.

    In this case, you need to get the Netherrack, that is, the material of which the soil of the Nether is made. Have you never been to this place? Do not worry. I told you how to access it in my guide on how to make the Nether portal.

    Making a fence

    Now that you have the basic resources, it's time to work them, so as to build some fences. The procedure differs depending on the material you want to build this object with.

    If you want to build one Wooden Fence, what you need to do is place the Logs of Wood collected inside a slot of the workbench or in that of the section Manufacturing, located in the inventory. By doing so, these resources will automatically be converted to Wooden boards.

    After that, you need to get some gods too Sticks. These can be obtained by placing 2 units of Wooden Planks in a workbench or section Manufacturing inventory. When you have all the necessary materials available, insert in a workbench 4 units of Wooden Planks e 2 units of Batons, in order to generate 3 units of Fence.

    If you want to make one instead Nether Brick Fence, after you have obtained the Netherrack, place it inside a Furnace, so that you can work with it and convert it to Brick of the Nether. You'll also need the Bricks of the Nether, of the objects that are obtained by putting together 4 units of Brick of the Nether in a workbench.

    Now, still within the latter, add 4 units of Nether Bricks e 2 units of Brick of the Nether, so as to manufacture 6 units of Nether Brick Fence.

    I will create an enclosure for your Minecraft

    After obtaining the units of Fence, what you need to do is place them on the ground in order to build a fence. Of course, the amount of this item to use varies based on how big you want to build it.

    All you need to do is equip the units of fence in a quick slot and place the first item on the ground. At this point, place another one next to it, so that a fence is created.

    All you have to do is continue along the entire perimeter that makes up the fence you want to build, in order to complete the project. I warn you that, to access the fenced area, it is also important to build a Hashtag.

    You can easily build this object with the materials you already have available. All you have to do is put, on a workbench, 4 units of Staff e 2 units of Wooden Planks.

    Mod to make fences on Minecraft

    If you don't like the style of the default fences in Minecraft, you can build others with a different design by installing the mod MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod. It is an add-on that provides different decorative elements for your shelter.

    To use it, however, you must first install Minecraft forge, which you can download for free from its website. It is another add-on that is meant to manage mods for this video game.

    After viewing the Minecraft Forge homepage, press the button Installer, to download the installation file on your PC. When the download is complete, double-click on the file you just downloaded, in order to open it with the Java Platform. Press the button OK, but I will complete the installation.

    Now, go to the official website of MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod and download the same version compatible with Minecraft Forge, which you find in the section Download.

    Once this is done, move the file you just downloaded to the folder against, located in the path C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft. If you do not find the folder in question, create it manually, as I have explained to you in this guide.

    OK, we're almost there! Start Minecraft and press the icon , which you find next to the button Play. Then select the profile Forge and premium tasto Play.

    Now you just have to enter a world in mode Creative and select the tab MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod, located in the inventory. You will find fences in the list of new items added by the mod.

    How to make fences in Minecraft

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