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    How to make concrete in Minecraft


    • Collect the necessary materials
    • How to make concrete in Minecraft
    • How to make a concrete farm in Minecraft
    • Mod to create concrete on Minecraft

    Collect the necessary materials

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to make concrete in minecraft, I think it might interest you to know more about what materials are needed to make this construction.

    Minecraft fans love concrete because of the ability to color it according to their needs. In that case, you need to create the concrete dust, obtainable in different ways. The general "recipe" requires the following materials: dye, 4 sand blocks e 4 blocks of gravel.

    As regards the dye, I take that into consideration black, to give you a practical example. To get the latter, you need to have 1 unit of ink pouch, which is achieved by defeating the squid present within the game world. You will also need a bank gives lavoro, which is created by joining 4 wooden planks of any type. The blocks of sand and gravel instead, they are found naturally within the game.

    Moving on to concrete farm: to make the latter, you will need 2 wooden hatches, an secchio d'acqua and obviously of the concrete dust. wooden hatches they are created by joining 6 wooden planks, while the bucket you get it through 3 iron ingots. You may also need a wooden pickaxe, which is created by joining 2 sticks a 3 wooden planks.

    In short, as you have probably already guessed, getting concrete in mode Survival it is quite simple, since all the required materials are easily found playing Minecraft. I also remind you that you can always switch to mode Creative of the game, where all the necessary elements are already present in the inventory.

    In any case, if you really need a hand, I invite you to use the Minesearch website, which allows you to have detailed instructions on the materials needed to obtain various elements.

    The operation of the site in question is very simple: just type the name of the object you need in the search bar at the top and select the outcome most relevant. After that, write down the combination to create the object that appears on the screen and reproduce it in Minecraft.

    How to make concrete in Minecraft

    Creating concrete in Minecraft is pretty simple - just take a few tricks.

    The first thing to do is to place a bank gives lavoro on the ground.

    At this point, interact with the bank gives lavoro and place a dye in the center, 4 sand blocks top left e 4 blocks of gravel bottom right. Then take the concrete dust and drag it into yours Inventory.

    Now, you just have to place it on the ground concrete dust and use us a secchio d'acqua over it.

    Perfect, now you have the colored concrete and you can create all the structures you want through the latter.

    Of course, you just need to repeat this procedure with a different dye to create the block of the shade that suits you best.

    How to make a concrete farm in Minecraft

    How do you say? Would you like to create a structure that can quickly transform dust into real concrete? No problem, I'll tell you how to do it right away.

    To start, dig one hole 3 blocks long and one block wide. The depth must be equal to 2 blocks.

    Now, place 2 wooden hatches in the central blocks. Remember to activate them, so that they "move" to the left.

    After that, use a secchio d'acqua from above in the free block after the hatches.

    Perfect, now all you have to do is place the concrete dust in water block lower and you will see that it will turn into real concrete. You can collect the concrete with wooden pickaxe.

    This way, you won't have to use too much water to create your concrete. Ultimately, all you need to do is place and break blocks. Mission accomplished! You just have to enjoy your concrete farm!

    Mod to create concrete on Minecraft

    Minecraft is one of the most popular video games when it comes to mods made by users. Among these, one could clearly not miss one dedicated to concrete and it is called Concrete Mod.

    Assuming that the mod only works on the Java version of Mojang title, I recommend you to use the 1.12.2 of the game, as it is believed by many fans to be the one in which mods work most stably.

    To download the mod, simply connect to the 9minecraft website, scroll down the page and press the button Download from Server 1, which is located under the inscription relating to the Minecraft version in your possession. Now, press the blue button DOWNLOAD that appears on the screen.

    A file called Concrete-Mod- [version] .jar: you have to move / copy it nella cartella delle mod di Minecraft. its Windows, il percorso da I will follow è C: Users [nome utente] AppDataRoaming.minecraftmodswhile on MacOS è ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / mods.

    When installing a mod, it is always good to also configure the Forge profile, in order to be sure of its correct functioning. To proceed, go to the official Forge website and press on the item Installer. If you are looking for Forge for a "dated" version of Minecraft (such as 1.12.2), you have to press the button Show all Version.

    Once the download is complete, launch the file forge- [versione] -installer.jar obtained, select the item Install Client I awarded her OK. Perfect, you were able to set up the Forge profile.

    After that, to start using the mod, you just have to select the profile forge through theicona della freccia verse il basso present on the left, next to the button PLAYS, on the main screen of the Minecraft launcher.

    Once in the game, possibly in mode Creative, premium pulsating E of the keyboard, presses onright arrow icon present at the top right, select i concrete blocks you want to use and drag them into theInventory.

    Perfect, now you just have to place the blocks he objects you have chosen on the ground to create all the structures you want.

    Since you are probably continuing your Minecraft adventure, I would recommend that you take a look at the page on my site dedicated to the Mojang title. In particular, I recommend you to consult my tutorials on how to build a yacht on Minecraft and on how to build a modern house on Minecraft, where concrete is also used.

    How to make concrete in Minecraft

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