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    How to make an iron farm in Minecraft


    • How to make an iron farm in Minecraft
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      • How to make Minecraft iron farm
    • How to make an iron farm in Minecraft PE

    How to make an iron farm in Minecraft

    How long create an iron farm in Minecraft in Java version of Minecraft per PC (the one I'll cover in the next few lines) isn't that complicated, there are a few things you need to be aware of before proceeding. I would therefore begin by explaining how this farm works.

    The iron farm needs some game entities to function: these are 1 zombie and a minimum of A theme 3. Having these elements, what you have to do to create a farm is to place them in a special space: by doing so, the environment will generate Iron Golem periodically, which, of course, will act as a source of iron.

    By following the steps I am about to show you, you will be able to create an efficient iron farm, so you no longer have to worry about getting the aforementioned mineral or running out of it. So you just have to keep reading this guide!


    create the iron farm in minecraft, there is a need to collect some materials that will act in the construction of the structure. Therefore, I recommend that you gather everything you need before starting with the construction.

    In this regard, the first thing I recommend you do is to find a village because, as mentioned in the previous chapter, you will need a minimum of A theme 3 to proceed with the creation of the farm. In case you don't know how to find it, I refer you to my special guide where I show you how to find a village in Minecraft.

    If you are not planning to farm somewhere other than the one you predetermined, you can still use gods tracks it's a mine cart to move villagers from one place to another, but I advise you to do it only when you need it badly, as, depending on the distance to be covered, it can be a very expensive method in terms of the materials needed to create the tracks.

    After that, you'll need one as well zombie, which you can find simply by waiting for the night or in dark places. This will act as a trigger to make the Iron Golem are spawned around villagers.

    As for the materials, however, you will need different objects. First, you need to get yourself a bucket of lava, which you will need to kill the Iron Golems that will be spawned in the farm. You can find lava in mines, in shallow lava basins or, more easily, in the Nether.

    You will also need other items to keep the zombie stationary in one place, which is one plate it's a'anvil. In particular, these last two objects are used to create a personalized tag to be assigned to the zombie to ensure that it does not disappear over time. If you don't know how to get them, I refer you to my special guides where I explain how to craft an anvil and how to craft a nameplate on Minecraft.

    Finally, the other items you will need are gods Read, buckets of water, hoppers, trunks, the glass and signs to build the farm, and of tracks it's a mine cart to move villagers and zombies to where they need to be placed.

    How to make Minecraft iron farm

    The first thing to do for create an iron farm is to build the appropriate space. To do this, you need to dig a square with depth of 1 block that is at least 9 blocks per side, which will serve as a collector for the Iron Golems.

    Afterward, clear out 4 buckets of water in each corner of the structure you have just built, so that it all converges towards the center of the square.

    At this point, starting from the center, go up creating a pillar of 5 blocks any. Then surround the newly created space with blocks of glass for at least 2 blocks high, so that when you go there to bring the zombie, it cannot escape. It is important that glass is used in this process, otherwise the farm may fail. When you have completed this part, remove all pillar blocks except the top one.

    Now, starting from the block at the apex of the pillar, move 4 blocks to one side as you like, and at the end of these place first 1 bed, and then others 2 beds on the sides of the latter.

    Also in this case, surround the newly created area with glass up to 2 blocks, the height necessary to prevent the villagers who will be housed in the block from escaping.

    Before proceeding to the top of the farm, start digging the lower space into which the Iron Golems will be dragged. Hence, it excavates a space of 3 × 3 blocks starting from the center of the square of water you built a moment ago, and make it deep at least 17 blocks. This distance will be necessary to ensure that the Iron Golem generation does not conflict, as this would be detrimental to the farm.

    A volta fatto ciò, position 8 signs immediately under the water on the surface on the sides of the hole, so as to block the flow of water and not let it flow inside the lower space you have just built.

    At the bottom of the hole, empty 1 bucket of water in one of the corners, and place 1 hopper in the opposite corner going down one block. Under the hopper, then, connect 1 baule, which will collect all the iron that will be accumulated thanks to the farm.

    Then, at the height of 2 blocks, place 8 signs on the sides and 1 sign in the center to ensure that these block the flow of washed, which you have to place at a height of 3 blocks.

    Now that the structure is almost complete, it's time to transport the villagers within the space you just created.

    Start by creating a circuit of tracks that they are connected to the upper part of the block with the beds you created earlier, and make them reach the point where you identified the villagers. If you need to go up, you can help yourself with some powered tracks. Then place a mine cart on the outer end of the circuit, and push a villager towards it, until he enters the cart, making it impossible for him to escape.

    What you need to do at this point is push the mine cart that you have placed on the rails, to make it go towards the block with the beds you have built. When the villager has arrived at his destination, break the cart and repeat the process until you have a minimum of 3 villagers within the block.

    You're almost ready - what you need to do now is bring one zombie inside the other block you built earlier, located in the center of the farm. To do this, just create a path that reaches above the glass block: the zombie will identify the villagers inside the farm and will chase them, ending up falling into the trap. Alternatively, you can also have yourself chased to the desired spot. Remember to perform this process during the notte, otherwise the zombie will burn.

    Later, when the zombie has arrived at the designated spot, place one sheet to your liking above his head, so that it doesn't burn during the day. Using a slab is essential in order not to compromise the generation of the Iron Golems, which could otherwise appear above the zombie.

    The last step is to create one personalized plate for the zombie, so that it doesn't disappear over time. Then place aanvil and put a plate inside, and decide on a name to your liking. So pick it up and assign it to the zombie, by right clicking on it.

    Now the farm is ready: the villagers will make the Iron Golems appear in alternating periods of time, and these, attracted by the zombie, will inevitably end up inside the water cube, which will drag them to the bottom where a block of lava awaits them. , which will conveniently kill them for you. That's all! Easy, right?

    How to make an iron farm in Minecraft PE

    Minecraft PE is none other than the Bedrock Edition, that is the version of Minecraft available on mobile devices, game consoles and on Windows 10. To know how to make an iron farm in Minecraft PE, therefore, it will be necessary to follow the rules dictated by the Bedrock Edition, which are slightly different from those of the Java version I told you about earlier.

    Before showing you the process, find an area that is at least a hundred blocks away villages, Read o I read. This step is essential to create an efficient iron farm that works without any problems.

    Also, for this farm you will also need A theme, but not everyone is eligible for it. In fact, green-clad villagers, child villagers, or those you've previously traded with cannot be used for Farming in the Bedrock Edition, while you can take advantage of all other villager types.

    Start, then, by creating a platform of dimensions 21 × 21 with blocks of your choice. This dimension is functional because it optimizes the flow of water you are going to create which, as in the farm explained in the previous chapters, will be used to move the Iron Golems to a certain position.

    Then raise each side up to 2 blocks, going to create a wall. Thereafter, it increases by 1 block the level of all angles for 6 blocks horizontally for each of the two sides of the corner, gradually decreasing towards the center. Finally, pour 1 bucket of water on each corner, and also fill in the non-raised sides of the platform. You should find yourself with a hole in the center, where the water does not reach, of 3 × 3 blocks.

    Afterward, dig the hole from 3 × 3 blocks and create a small room that is tall 3 blocks, and replace a corner block with 1 hopper, to be connected to 1 baule that you must place immediately below it. At the opposite corner, however, pour 1 bucket of water.

    To conclude this compartment, place 9 signs at the height of 2 blocks, so that these block the flow of washed, which you must place at the height of 3 blocks.

    Now that the bottom is complete, you can continue with the top. Start building another platform using the glass, starting from 4 blocks of height with respect to the center, and that it is of dimensions approximately 9 × 5.

    The size of this platform does not need any special requirements, as long as it can accommodate 20 beds side by side, which you must place as necessary to create an artificial village.

    Then, create another platform, also from 9 × 5 blocks, on top of the one you just built, starting from 3 blocks higher. Once this is done, raise the sides, always using the glass of 2 blocks, so that the villagers who will be housed in this space will not be able to escape.

    At this point, you need to drag the villagers to the platform you just created. Also in this case, as for the Java Edition farm, it is necessary to bring them to us using dei tracks it's a mine cart, which will act as a vehicle that will transport the villagers. Repeat this process until you have a total of A theme 10 within the platform.

    Make sure each of these comes assigned to one of the beds you placed earlier. You can see this by observing the villagers as soon as they are close enough to the beds: if they emit sounds green particles, it means that they have been assigned to a bed. Similarly, if green particles are emitted from a bed, it means that a villager has been assigned to it.

    The last step to complete the iron farm is to place gods archaic tables in the space of the villagers, who will give him a profession. This step is necessary to create an artificial village in all respects. Alternatively you could also use the I read, but these would make the farm inefficient during rain.

    create an arch table, open a workbench and place 4 units of planks of any wood e 2 units of iron ingots.

    Finally, place 10 archery tables, one for each villager, inside the platform that hosts them. As for the beds, to make sure these are assigned to a villager; you just need to see if they emit green particles.

    That's it: thanks to a few simple steps, you will be able to create a fast and effective iron farm. By doing so, you will definitely solve the problem of running out of iron in Minecraft, and finally you won't have to worry about it anymore!

    How to make an iron farm in Minecraft

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