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    How to Make an Among Us Costume for Kids

    The omnipresence of the game Among Us seems to be that it prefers not to disappear soon, especially when Halloween approaches, when children seek to take on the appearance of their beloved characters from movies and, obviously, computer games. So assuming that you are a parent in trouble looking for how to make an outfit for Among Us, everything is said, for young people, here we give you the cheapest option to get it.

    Don't you need to start organizing it without knowing what's up with it or why the characters look like this? In a nutshell, Among Us is a web-based game in which a few players gather on a spaceship, where their main objective is to take down specific companies in order to gain proper control of the ship.

    Steps to make a real life Among Us costume for kids

    As they deal, they know that within a similar group there are a few frauds. They are clients that the game chooses aimlessly from the beginning of the game and their objective is to attack the errands of others and keep the ship, for this, they can kill different players and blame one more for the death, trusting that the others trust him and expel the other respondent. The group will win in the event that they figure out how to spot the frauds in time or the fraudsters will win assuming they figure out how to attack the ship and take out different players.

    That's why kids ask for a space traveler outfit, with an interesting look, different irrational embellishments and bright hues; Luckily for you, it's not that hard to DIY so stay away from expensive instant sets.

    CHEAPEST OPTION: Cardboard cover and plain clothing.

    This is perhaps the least expensive option you can find. You just need to have clothes of a similar tone from the shoes to the buso (ideally a wide one to be more similar to space travelers). Currently, the most important part of the characters is the headgear and this is the place where you should get your abilities with the creations.


    Printed molds

    scarce cardboard

    Blue texture (as sparse as might be expected)

    plain plastic

    scissors and pasta

    Paint (a similar tone to your clothes)


    Search the Internet for "among us head protector formats", download the document and print it.

    Cut out the templates and draw them on the cardstock, then cut the shapes out of the cardstock and glue as directed.

    Since you have the shape of the collected protective hat, paint it in a similar tone to your clothes.

    Remove the front part of the oval-shaped protective cap, glue the plastic sheet straight and on top of it the blue texture, this will be your visor.

    If you need it, put small circles of white paper on the brim to reproduce the "shimmers" of the cap. make sure they are not located where they block your vision.

    Ready, you already have your protective cap, you can inhale calmly since the base part is completely open for air to flow.

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