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    How to make a windmill in Minecraft


    • How to make a Minecraft windmill
    • Mod to make a windmill on Minecraft

    How to make a Minecraft windmill

    Before going into the procedure above how to build a Minecraft windmill, be sure to choose a suitable place to be able to create the structure in question: the mill will be about 15 blocks, while its width will be around 10 blocks, so keep the measurements in mind and decide where to place it.

    Once you have chosen the place to build the mill, you can take the real action. The directions to follow are the same, regardless of the version of Minecraft used: be that one Java, available only on PC, or that Bedrock, instead, available for Windows 10 and later, mobile devices and consoles.

    Prepare, therefore, a space of 7 × 7 blocks: the measurements do not have to be the same, but I still advise you to keep the size of the front part in an odd number, otherwise building the propeller will be much more complicated than expected.

    In the space you just created, build the tall foundation 4 blocks using the materials you prefer. Personally I advise you to use materials with not too bright colors, for example the Wood, Polished granite or l 'Polished andesite.

    Next, you need to build the top of the mill. Start from one corner of the roof and move one block inward and upward, then build a column of 7 blocks made of blocks of your choice, such as i Logs of wood. Then repeat the same procedure for the rest 3 corners of the mill, in order to create the foundations.

    At this point, fill the space in the upper area of ​​the mill with gods blocks of your choice, for example le Wooden boards. By doing so, you will have almost completed the top.

    For the roof, use some Scalini and Ballast of the materials you have previously chosen, so as to give it dynamism. Make the blocks rejoin towards the center of the mill as they rise. If you don't know how to do stairs in Minecraft, read my guide dedicated to the topic.

    To build thepropeller, use a darker material, such as i Trunks of the jungle. Place a horizontal pillar of 3 blocks starting from the third block going down from the upper part of the mill, in the center.

    On top of the small pillar you just made, stretch each side of the second block of 2 blocks. You should then find yourself with a cross in a space of 5 × 5 blocks.

    At this point, for each end of the cross, move one block clockwise and outward and stretch them by 2 blocks. If you have done everything correctly, the propeller should be in a space of 9 × 9 blocks.

    The last element to add to the helix is ​​the Oak hatches, which will help make the structure more realistic. To create a manhole, you have to open the bank gives lavoro and place 6 units of Oak Planks inside.

    For each shovel you need to distribute 7 bottles, For a total of 28 bottles for the whole propeller. To position the hatches correctly, make sure that they are facing the entrance, so that when you stand in front of the structure you can see the 4 holes in the hatches. To do this, just place them facing the mill structure and then open them by right clicking on them.

    After you've finished the outline, it's time to add some decoration to make the mill more complete. For example, if you have built your mill away from your crop, or if you don't own one, you might think about planting some seeds around it, such as the Grain or carrots. In case you don't know how to plant seeds, I refer you to my guide where I explain how to grow in Minecraft.

    Later, you can add windows both at the bottom and at the top of the mill. To make them, you just need to cook some Sand within a Furnace: in this way you will get 1 unit of Glass. By entering 6 unit of Glass inside the workbench, moreover, you can get the Glass panels, in case you prefer to use those.

    The other decorations you could add are the Bottle, the buttons and Lanterns. As regards the bottle, you can place them at the entrance to form a small table, above which you can place, for example, a Jar with inside one flower at your choice.

    I buttonsinstead, you can place them in the corners of the mill to add dynamism. The lanternInstead, they are a great choice for lighting, as they can be positioned in a variety of ways and are aesthetically pleasing. I told you how to make lanterns in another tutorial.

    As for the internal space of the mill, however, you can exploit it in various ways. For example, you can make us a little one magazzino to store your items. If you don't know how to build it, I suggest you consult my guide where I explain how to make a warehouse in Minecraft.

    If the warehouse isn't your thing, then you might want to think about making the mill interior livable. You could, for example, add some decorations, like some chairs, which you can see how to create in my special guide where I explain how to make a chair in Minecraft.

    Also, you might consider accompanying them by building some table. Again, I refer you to my guide where I show you how to make a table in Minecraft.

    With this I would say that's all. As you may have noticed, the mill built in this way is not really functional: this is due to the limitations of the base game. However, using community-made mods you can manage to get a working mill as well. How? Read the next chapter of the guide to find out.

    Mod to make a windmill on Minecraft

    In case you want create a working mill in Minecraft, you will necessarily need to resort to using one against, which is an unofficial modification to the Mojang game made by the community. Thanks to the mod in question, you will be able to add new content to the game, including a fully functional mill.

    If you want to use a mod, you should know that these are only available for the Java Edition of Minecraft, which is the version available exclusively for PC. If you are playing Minecraft with the Bedrock Edition, so the version available on consoles, mobile devices, and Windows 10 and later, you won't be able to take advantage of the mods.

    It is also important that you pay attention to the types of sites you visit when you want to download unofficial content, as these may contain malware or other harmful elements for your PC. If you want to make sure you browse the web safely, then I invite you to check the trustworthiness of the sites you visit.

    Lastly, you need to know that to use a mod you need an additional client to Minecraft, that is Forge. In case you don't know how to get it, then I invite you to consult my special guide where I show you how to install Minecraft Forge.

    After installing Forge, it's time to download the mod. The one I recommend to create a mill is there Create, which adds a huge amount of circuits, including, in fact, one useful for the creation of a working mill.

    You can download the Create mod via its official page, by clicking on the button Download. Also from the same site, make sure that the version of the mod matches the version of Forge you own, otherwise it may not work properly.

    After downloading the mod, you need to put it inside the Minecraft game files folder in order to use it. To do this, type the key combination Win + R to call up the menu Run, then type % Appdata% inside and press Submit on your keyboard.

    Starting from the folder that opened, you need to go to the .minecraft> mods folder and insert the mod file inside it. If you are using Minecraft on a Mac, the path to get to the mod folder is as follows: ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / mods (you may need to enable hidden folder display).

    Now that the mod has been loaded into Minecraft, you need to choose the game version suitable for starting it. Then open the game and press on the card installations.

    Then click on the button New installation and in the box under the heading VERSION select the version of Forge compatible with mod. Finally, click on the buttons Save e Play to start the game.

    With the Create mod, creating a working mill is quite simple. First, you need a Windmill stand, which you must place behind the propeller structure. This is the material that will give the mill energy to allow the propeller to function.

    After doing this, you need to place a Radial frame in front of the Windmill Stand. The mill propellers need to be built on this block, but you need one before doing that Ball of slime for each side (4 in total): these are applied simply by right clicking on each side. By doing so, everything that will be built on the Radial Frame will remain attached to it.

    Now, proceed with building the propellers of the mill: you can make them as you prefer, or follow the steps I listed in the previous chapter.

    The mill is practically ready! The last step left is to right click on Windmill stand with empty hand. By doing so, the block will hook onto all the blocks that have been placed in front of it and will begin to energize it, thus spinning the blades of the mill.

    The Create mod adds to Minecraft a great variety of circuits of this kind, used to supply energy through similar mechanisms. It is therefore a great way to upgrade the gaming experience. You really have no excuse not to try this mod right away!

    How to make a windmill in Minecraft

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