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    How to make a secret passage in Minecraft


    • Collect and manufacture the necessary materials
    • Building a secret passage
    • Tips for building a secret passage

    Collect and manufacture the necessary materials

    Before you start build a secret passage in Minecraft, it is important to collect all the materials useful for the realization of the project.

    First you will need some pietrisk to build gods stone blocks. You can replace this material with any one, depending on where you need to make the secret passage. A stone block is obtained from the furnace processing of pietrisk, the basic material obtained by digging the stone.

    In addition to the stone, you will need the redstone, essential material to create the circuits. The powder of redstonein fact, together with the other elements of the circuits, such as repeaters, comparators or observers, they make it possible to create simple or complex mechanisms, which can automate some aspects of the game. There redstone it is obtained by extracting it from the rough redstone or by collecting it inside the trunks scattered around the world of Minecraft.

    To create the opening and closing mechanism of the secret passage, you will need the sticky pistons. Unlike normal pistons, sticky ones allow you to keep the block on them "glued" to the platform. A piston is made into a bank gives lavoro, putting together four units of pietrisk, three units of wooden boards, an iron ingot and a unit of redstone. After building the pistone, reposition it in the bank gives lavoro, along with one slime ball, which is obtained by defeating the slime.

    In addition to these materials, you need to craft one redstone torch in a bank gives lavoro, using a stick and a unit of redstone. Furthermore, the redstone repeater, which you can get through three units of stone blocksTwo redstone torches and a unit of redstone, inserted in a bank gives lavoro.

    Finally, we will need to create mild, which will serve as an on and off switch for the opening and closing mechanism of the secret passage. These are created in the bank gives lavoro, using a stick and a unit of pietrisk.

    Building a secret passage

    Now that you've got all the materials you need, it's time to start building the secret passage. First, derive an area 5 blocks long, 6 blocks deep e 4 blocks high, which will contain the mechanism for opening and closing the access.

    Now, ignore the first line of the area and place instead two rows from two stone blocks, so that they can help you position the Sticky pistons towards the side of the area. On two of these pistons, place two more, but this time facing the access area.

    Once this is done, place three stone blocks on the pistons and then add another five blocks to follow, forming a sort of "U". On this it will be necessary to place a line of redstone alternating with two redstone repeaters, in order to boost the signal and delay the inputs. You will need to interact on the repeaters in order to set the maximum delay.

    At this point, you need to extend the connection of redstone, in order to create the activation point on the wall that triggers the whole mechanism. To do this, use others 6 stone blocks to build a ladder that goes down to the ground and place the ladder on it redstone.

    Now, all that remains is to build a stone block on the first line of the area and install a redstone torch in its back; then add one leads on the front face of the block, so that it can activate and deactivate the redstone torch. In this way, you will have created an external switch for opening and closing the secret passage.

    In addition to the external button, you must also create an internal one, otherwise you will not be able to exit once you enter. To do this, from the previously created stone ladder, place another block on which to apply some redstone, until you get to the ground. Then add a second block on which you will place one leads.

    Well: we're almost there! All that remains is to fill all the visible holes with gods stone blocks. First, build a wall on the first row of the area, which will be 5 × 4 in size. Now, interact on the leads, in such a way as to open the secret passage and enter inside. Therefore, use i stone blocks to hide the circuit of redstone visible.

    If you have carried out the procedure I have indicated to the letter, you will have built a secret passage on the wall, which can be activated by means of a lever both external and internal to it. You can hide the lever by using greenery or by extending the redstone circuit to another room or by using other mechanisms, such as i buttons or pressure platforms.

    Tips for building a secret passage

    In addition to the procedure that I indicated to you in the previous chapter, there are many other types of secret passages that can be created in Minecraft. In this regard, I recommend that you consult the Minecraft Wiki, in which there are several ideas (in English) on how to create a secret access to one's shelter.

    Furthermore, if you need further suggestions and ideas, from which to take inspiration to realize your secret passage, I suggest you consult the video sharing platform, YouTube. After reaching the official YouTube site, in the search bar at the top, type the terms "minecraft secret passage"Or"minecraft secret passage" in English. By doing so, you will be shown many videos made by Minecraft fans, which you can consult to get an idea of ​​the project to be carried out.

    How to make a secret passage in Minecraft

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