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    How to Make a Private Game in Fortnite

    Assuming that you really like Fortnite Battle Royale and need to make private matches to compete or celebrate occasions with your teammates, you must complete a progression of prerequisites carried out by the designer Epic Games. Continue reading and we will reveal how to make a private match in Fortnite.

    How to Make a Private Game in Fortnite

    Instructions to make a private match in the Fortnite game

    In order to impart to your party of companions in private matches you must meet a progression of prerequisites, which we will show you below:

    To host a private match in Fortnite you must have 2FA enabled.

    We must have prior approval from the designer Epic Games to have the option to play private matches.

    All players in the private match, including support, must be located in a similar area on the game server.

    Assuming the private match is webcast, they should hide the secret word of the match as unwelcome people can join it.

    Start private game:

    You will need to click on the game mode in which you need to start the private game.

    In the Custom Game area, which is located in the lower right corner of the game screen, press .

    It asks us to enter the secret key that we will impart to individual players. Which must be in the range of 4 and 16 characters. The use of extraordinary images is not allowed. One tip is to involve complex passwords for the framework to recognize.

    We click the game button, we have to wait a reasonable period in order that the wide range of various individuals who have the secret key can join the private game.

    By the time the game has started, no other person can join, or bombard you when the maximum possible is set to 100.

    The promoter of the game when he deems it appropriate can start the game by pressing Start game.

    Tips when starting a private match

    Before starting the private game, you must communicate the secret phrase to each of the players who will participate in it.

    The member who wants to join the game after the game has started will receive an error message.

    Check that all members are located in a similar area of ​​the server. The member who is in an alternate zone will not be able to enter the private match.

    In the event that a player cannot enter the game, the ideal is to restart the game and try again.

    In the event that the member has chosen an alternate game mode, they will not be able to enter the match until the correct game mode is chosen.

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