How to make a medieval house in Minecraft

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How to build a medieval house in Minecraft

If you want to know how to make a medieval house in minecraft, regardless of the version of the title in your possession and the platform from which you play it, in the next chapters I will provide you with all the advice you need about the materials to use and the steps necessary to proceed in the realization of this project.

Materials needed

Before seeing how to perform the operation of building a medieval house in Minecraft, it is important to point out to you what are the materials needed to tackle the project (which I will tell you more specifically in the next chapter).

First, you will need two basic resources to build the house: wood and stone. As for wood, you will need to get some Wooden boards, which you get from the processing of Logs in a workbench or slot Manufacturing inventory. You can also build some Wooden stepspositioning 6 units of Wooden Planks in a workbench.

As for the stone, however, you can find the Crushed stone underground, picking it up with a pickaxe. Next, transfer the crushed stone into a furnace to convert it to Pietra. The last step to perform is to put 4 units of Stone in a workbench, so as to obtain i Stone Bricks.

As for the fixtures, you can create windows using the Glass panels, which you can easily accomplish by consulting all the tips I gave you in my guide on how to make glass in Minecraft.

Finally, you will need one Port, of which I have told you in detail in this guide of mine, and some Torches, in order to generate outdoor lighting when night falls. In the latter case, I recommend that you read my guide on how to make flashlights in Minecraft.

Building a medieval house

Now that you have all the materials you need, let's see together how to build a medieval house in minecraft.

First of all, identify a flat area where to build the house: for the example that I will propose to you in the next paragraphs, the building will occupy an area of ​​dimensions 11 × 6.

What you need to do now is dig out a layer of blocks of the dimension 11 × 6, and then cover the area with blocks of Stone Bricks, which will represent the foundations and the floor of the house itself.

Once this is done, erect the perimeter of the house, laying a line of blocks of Stone bricks and taking care to leave an opening block on one of the shorter sides, which will accommodate the door. At the corners, instead, place the blocks of Wooden boards.

At this point, continue to erect the walls of the house of another layer of Stone bricks, taking care to leave a block of space for the door and leaving space for the windows on the other sides.

Again, at the corners continue to place the blocks of Wooden boards. Then repeat the same operation for another strange one, this time without leaving the space for the door.

Once this is done, build another layer of blocks around the perimeter, this time using the Wooden boards.

On the shorter sides of the building, add blocks of Stone bricks: place two blocks of bricks at the ends and then two neighbors on the top layer to create a slot for a tall window.

Now let's move on to the construction of the roof: on the long sides, place a layer of blocks of Wooden steps taking care to place one more unit at the ends, for a total length of 13 blocks (instead of 11).

What you need to do is build the three roof layers following this rule on both sides. My advice is also to create a roof layer on both sides at the bottom of the roof.

Next, you have to use the Glass panels to make the windows and place the Port. Finally, add the Torches on the entire facade to illuminate the exterior of the building.

It was easy, am I right? In addition, if you want to know how to furnish the house, I recommend reading this tutorial of mine.

How to build a medieval house in Minecraft via mod

If you do not have enough time to build a medieval house in Minecraft, then you can opt for the realization of this project through the use of a mod compatible exclusively with Minecraft Java Edition for PC. Don't know what a mod is? It is an add-on that allows you to extend the functionality of this video game.

Among the mods you can use for this purpose, the one I recommend is Instant Structures Mod (ISM). In order to use it, however, you will need it Minecraft forge, a mod management tool for the Java Edition. You can download it from the official website, following the directions I gave you in my guide on how to install Minecraft Forge. Remember that the Minecraft Forge version must be compatible with both the game client and the mod itself.

That said, it's time to install the mod ISM. To do this, you simply need to go to the developer's official website and press the button Download Instant Structures Mod, by downloading the version compatible with Minecraft Forge.

After downloading the file. JAR of the mod, move it to the folder against, which you find in the path C: Users [username] AppDataRoaming.minecraft on Windows o ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft su MacOS. If you don't find the folder against, create it manually.

Now almost everything is ready: start Minecraft, award-winning located next to the button Play and choose the profile Forge. Poi il tasto award Play and start a new or existing game session. At the same time, the ISM screen, to search the project database.

In the latter, using the search bar, type the terms “medieval house”, to obtain the projects related to medieval houses. Then select the one you like best by clicking on its miniature, and first press onbrick icon and then on the button Place Structure, in order to start the rapid construction of the project. Convenient, right?

How to make a medieval house in Minecraft

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