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How to build a simple survival house in Minecraft

Before starting to explain yourself how to make a home survival in Minecraft, it is necessary to show you what are the materials you should use to tackle this project. Since it is a "makeshift" house to be built in mode Survival, it is essential to use common materials.

  • Wooden boards: you can easily get them by working i Logs trees in a workbench or slot Manufacturing inventory.
  • Crushed stone: a resource you get by digging the stone underground.
  • Wooden stairs: are obtained in a workbench using 6 units of Wooden Planks.
  • Glass: it is a simple resource to produce (which I have told you about in detail in this guide of mine) that will be useful for windows.
  • Port: for this project a simple wooden door will suffice (you can find all the details in this tutorial of mine).

In addition to these materials and objects, you will also need torches to illuminate the environment, the aforementioned workbench, a furnace and a bed to place in the house. Finally, you will need any other elements useful to decorate the building (I have given you some ideas in this tutorial of mine). Also add a field to grow outside.

Now that you have clear ideas about the resources to be used for this project, let's see together how to proceed with its realization. In the next few lines I will provide you with the different steps you will need for build a simple house for survival in Minecraft. The information applies to all editions of the game and all platforms.

First, on a plain, find an area the size of 9 × 9. Put, therefore, a layer of Crushed stone along the perimeter of the area in question, taking care, however, to leave an area of 4 × 4. Also, in the perimeter of crushed stone be sure to add the Wooden boards every three stone blocks placed.

Now, position yourself on any side of the perimeter of the building and raise the wooden pillars 3 blocks high and then join them with others Wooden boards. In the area of ​​the wall that you created, add the blocks of Crushed stone, taking care to leave two blocks of empty space in the center, in which to add the Glass for windows.

At this point, carry out the same operation on all the other sections of the external wall of the house. Use one of the two walls where you previously left the 4 × 4 space to place one Port. At the two ends of the building, on the wooden beams, add 3 units of Wooden Planks and then again 1 units of Wooden Planks to prepare the roof.

Once this is done, use the Wooden stairs to build the roof of the house. All you have to do is follow the perimeter of the building on the three levels of the roof and that's it!

Now all you have to do is add a small garden in front of the entrance and decorate the house with torches and any other element you like best, as I suggested in the introduction of this chapter.

More ideas on how to build a survival home in Minecraft

If you want to have other ideas to draw from build a survival house in Minecraft, my advice is to rely on YouTube. By carrying out a correct search on the famous video sharing platform, you will be able to identify some videos made by other Minecraft players that will surely help you in the realization of your project.

Therefore, all you have to do is go to the official YouTube website or launch the relevant mobile app and use the search field at the top to type in the terms. “casa survival minecraft” or “survival house minecraft” (in English). If you don't know how to search on YouTube, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the topic.

Alternatively, you can always consult my other guides dedicated to the construction of buildings on Minecraft, such as the one concerning a modern house, the one on a medieval house, the one on a tree house and, finally, the one where I explain how to build a villa.

Mod to build a house for survival in Minecraft

In addition to the advice I have given you in the previous chapters, you can also decide to build a survival thing in Minecraft using the mod Instant Structures Mod (ISM), compatible only with the Java Edition of the PC game, which allows you to build any building in its database with just a few clicks.

To use this mod, you must first download and install the profile Minecraft forge: essential tool for mod management. If you want to know more about how to install this tool, I recommend reading this tutorial of mine.

Once this is done, proceed to download the ISM from the official website, by pressing the button Download Instant Structures Mod and choosing the version of ISM compatible with Minecraft forge. At the end of the download of the file .JAR, place the latter in the folder mods (if you can't find it, create it manually), which you can find in the path C: Users [username] AppDataRoaming.minecraft on Windows and in the path ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft on Mac.

Now, start Minecraft, press the ▼ key located next to the button Play, select the profile Forge and premium tasto Play, to start Minecraft and, at the same time, also the screen of ISM. Now, enter a game session and, on the ISM screen, use the search engine to type in the terms “survival house”.

When you've found the project you like the most, click on its miniature, premi sull 'brick icon and finally click the button Place structure, to immediately build the house of your choice in the vicinity of your avatar. Convenient, right?

How to make a home survival in Minecraft

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