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    How to make a flying car in Minecraft


    • How to make a flying car in Minecraft
      • Materials needed
      • How to build a flying machine in Minecraft
    • Other solutions to make a flying car in Minecraft

    How to make a flying car in Minecraft

    If you want to know how to make a flying car in minecraft, thanks to a simple and immediate project, what you have to do is carefully follow the instructions that I will give you in the next paragraphs.

    Materials needed

    First, it is important to collect the necessary materials to the realization of this project. Therefore, first build gods Sticky pistons: to do this, add in a workbench 3 units of Wooden Planks, 4 units of Crushed Stone, 1 units of Iron Ingot (which you can obtain by melting raw iron in a furnace) e 1 unit of Redstone Dust.

    Doing so you will get a simple Piston: to transform it into a Sticky piston, add in a workbench 1 unit of Piston e 1 unit of Slime Ball. This latter resource can be obtained by defeating the Slime. If you've never heard of them or if you have no idea how to find them, I recommend reading this tutorial of mine.

    Also, you will need some Observers, which you can make into a workbench by adding 6 units of Crushed Stone, 2 unit of Redstone Dust e 1 units of Nether Quartz: the latter you can search for it by reaching the secret dimension of Nether, of which I told you in this guide of mine.

    Finally, you will need gods blocks of Honey: This resource was introduced with the update Buzzy Bee in December 2019 (in Minecraft Java Edition is available from version 1.15). Therefore, update your version of Minecraft, as I explained to you in my tutorial on the subject.

    Now, on a workbench, add 4 units of Honey Cruets (I told you how to collect it in my guide on how to get honey in Minecraft), so as to create 1 unit of Honey Block.

    I warn you that the flying machine has a perpetual motion in one direction. In order to be able to interrupt the movement of the machine it is necessary to use Obsidian blocks, which you can obtain by cooling lava with water.

    How to build a flying machine in Minecraft

    Now let's get to the point of this tutorial with all the procedures you need to build a flying machine on minecraft! I warn you that the illustrated project is compatible with Minecraft Java Edition for PC (starting at version 1.15). For other projects on previous versions or other editions of Minecraft, you can refer to the next chapter.

    First, therefore, identify an area 6 × 2 where to carry out your project. On both short sides, place gods Obsidian blocks in vertical stack (2 units in height), which are placed on opposite corners.

    Now, leave 1 block of space from the ground and, on one of the long sides starting from the obsidian pillar, place a Observer, which must face the pillar itself. The same thing you will have to do in a mirror way on the other side.

    At this point, behind the previously installed Observatories, add the Sticky pistons. On both piston footrests, add then 2 units of Honey Blocks And that's it! The flying machine is ready!

    Before explaining how to operate it, it is important to show you the basic operation of this machine. First of all, honey blocks were used instead of slime ones, as unlike the latter, it is possible to place the avatar on them while remaining anchored: by replacing the honey with the slime, the avatar would immediately fall off when turned on. of the machinery.

    The pistons do nothing but push the body of the flying machine, generating an overall movement of all the components. The Observers are the elements that guarantee the activation input and, consequently, also that of deactivation of the movement of the flying machine.

    In order for the machinery to move, it is necessary to eliminate the Obsidian blocks that are in front of the Observers. My advice, however, is to build obsidian pillars at the ends of the route that the flying machine will have to travel.

    Other solutions to make a flying car in Minecraft

    The solution I proposed to you in the previous chapter is a very simple project to carry out, as well as functional. However, you may need to build more complex flying machines or maybe they are compatible with a specific version or edition of Minecraft.

    In this case, what I advise you to do is to consult some videos on YouTube made by other Minecraft fans like you. All you have to do is open the YouTube website or open the official app of the service for Android or iOS / iPadOS and search in the search bar for the terms "Minecraft flying machine" or “minecraft flying machine” (in English).

    Alternatively, in case you want to use some mod that implements customizable aircraft or vehicles in this video game, you can refer to my tutorial on how to make a plane in Minecraft. You can also check out the Minecraft Wiki on for more tips (in English) on the flying machines that can be made in the popular Mojang game.

    How to make a flying car in Minecraft

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