How to make a dog house in Minecraft

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How to build a dog house in Minecraft

Be il tuo obiettivo è quello di build a dog house on Minecraft, in the next chapters I will explain how to do this by following the instructions for the realization of this simple project.

Resources needed

For the doghouse project I will tell you about in the next chapter, you will need some essential resources. First, you will need some Scalini. The latter will have to be produced in two variants: one in wood and one in brick.

As far as the Wooden steps, you will have to insert, in a workbench, 6 units of Wooden Planks. If you don't know how to make Wooden boards, know that you simply have to work the wood you collect from trees: therefore, in a workbench or in the slot of Manufacturing inventory, enter 1 unit of wooden log.

- Brick steps, on the other hand, they are obtained by combining 6 units of Bricks in a workbench. In case you have any doubts about how to get the Bricks In Minecraft, know that you have to melt some clay in a furnace and then combine the resulting materials in a workbench. If you want to know more about it, I recommend reading my guide on how to make bricks in Minecraft. Also create Brick slabs, inserting, in a workbench, 3 units of Bricks.

Another item you will need to craft is the Wooden hatch. In this case, you can proceed by adding, in a workbench, 6 units of Wooden Planks, arranging them in two horizontal lines. Finally, build a Sign, which will be used to write the dog's name on the kennel: you can easily get it with 6 units of Wooden Planks e 1 units of Staff.

In case you want to embellish the kennel, you can add a pole of the Fence, an Leash it's a Jar, to simulate the bowl with food. The latter you can create it with 3 units of Bricks in a workbench. If you then want to know how to tame a dog in Minecraft, I suggest you consult this guide of mine dedicated to the subject.

Building the dog house

Now that you have everything you need, let's see how to deal with the building a dog house on Minecraft. First, what you need to do is make a rectangle-shaped area out of the dimensions 3 × 2, on which to start building this project. My advice is to set up the kennel outdoors, perhaps in the garden around your shelter.

With that done, start by placing 2 units of wooden steps on one of the two short sides of the rectangle. At this point, leave the central area free and then add the others to the other end of the rectangle 2 units of wooden steps.

All steps must be facing outwards. In the back area of ​​the kennel, add one Wooden hatch on the floor and then raise it, so as to close the side.

At this point, perform the same operation you did for the wooden steps, but this time using the Brick steps: these must be positioned right on the wooden ones, with the same orientation, and will act as a canopy.

At this point, finish the project by adding two layers of Brick slabs in the center of the canopy. Right on the latter, in front of the kennel, also place a Sign, taking care to enter the name you want to give the dog.

Now you just have to add the Jar and Fence in front of the kennel, to complete the project.

Mod to build a dog house in Minecraft

In addition to the solution that I proposed to you in the previous chapters, know that one is available on Minecraft Java Edition for PC against which allows you to add a series of tools for the management of dogs, including a kennel or, better said, a bed where they can rest.

Don't know what a mod is? It is simply an add-on that extends the functionality of the base game. In order to work, however, you need to install the free tool Minecraft forge from the respective official website. In case you want to know how to install this tool, I recommend reading my guide on how to install Minecraft Forge.

Now it's time to download the mod Doggy Talents directly from the website. Connect, therefore, to the latter and click on the button Download to pick up the file .JAR of the mod, which you then have to place inside the folder mods present in the main directory of Minecraft.

In case you don't know the Minecraft installation path on your computer, it is usually located in C: Users username] AppDataRoaming.minecraft on Windows e in ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft su MacOS (you may need to turn on the hidden folder view to see it). If you don't find the folder mods, you can create it manually.

I remind you that when you download Minecraft Forge and the mods for this add-on, you need to make sure that their versions are compatible with the game client. Therefore, if the latter are not compatible with the latest version of Minecraft, please change it to the compatible one.

At this point, simply proceed with starting the launcher di Minecraft: press the ▼ icon next to the button Play and choose the profile Forge from the proposed menu. Then you just have to press the button Play to start playing Minecraft with mod support.

Starting a world in Creative mode, open the inventory of the avatar and scroll through the tabs located at the top: you will find the tabs related to the mod Doggy Talents, including one that contains all the beds in which the dog can rest. Happy?

How to make a dog house in Minecraft

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