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    How to make a circle in Minecraft


    • Preliminary operation
    • How to make a circle in Minecraft
    • Useful solutions for building a circle in Minecraft
      • Online tools
      • App for smartphones and tablets

    Preliminary operation

    build a circle in minecraft, it is necessary to understand with which material it is useful to undertake this undertaking. There are hundreds of different materials that can be found in the world of Minecraft or that are obtained from the processing of the same.

    The choice of material is important in case you need to use the circle as a decoration of an interior environment or as an element to be placed outside. Take for example the case in which you want to build a circle on an internal wall of your shelter: in this case, the material you can use can be any of the many available, according to your personal tastes. However, if you have to build a circle on the outside, using destructible materials could ruin your construction, such as the wood or glass.

    A circle can also be useful if you want to trace the perimeter of an area of 鈥嬧媋 building that you are about to build, such as a house, villa, palace or even a castle. In this case, you will need to use strong materials for the exterior walls, such as the concrete Stone or l 'obsidian.

    I remind you that you don't have to use blocks to build a circle, but you can also use the many tools present in Minecraft, such as cheers, fences o plants, or dig it directly into the ground, to fill its circumference with water o magma.

    Furthermore, the quality of the material is not the only factor to be taken into consideration. Depending on the size of the circle, you will need to find a variable amount of resources, which may take you some time to collect them all. You will get an idea about it by reading the next chapters.

    How to make a circle in Minecraft

    make a circle in Minecraft, the first step you have to take is to find an area suitable for its construction (eg an area of 鈥嬧媗and, if you want to draw a circle on the ground). In the example that I will propose to you below, I will show you the construction of a circle with a diameter of 16, arranged horizontally on the flat ground.

    To get this type of circle, place 6 blocks horizontally and, starting from these extremes, add on both sides of the lines from 3 blocks, on the next line. Now, keep adding more 2 lines of blocks, this time from 2 unit, on the extremes.

    At this point, continue the construction by placing others 2 blocks in a perpendicular position to those already present on each side and, finally, add others 3 following the same principle.

    The result of this procedure will lead you to the construction of a semicircle. What you will now have to do is repeat the same procedure that I indicated in the previous lines on the other side, in order to complete the circle.

    Useful solutions for building a circle in Minecraft

    In the previous chapter, I explained to you how to start building a circle, indicating a specific dimension, just by way of example. What should you do, though, if you want to build a smaller circle or a larger circle? Well, you could rely on ad hoc solutions.

    In the next chapters, I will show you some online tools and some apps that might be right for you, which allow you to get the construction scheme of a circle to be reproduced in the world of Minecraft (applying the same tricks that I showed you previously).

    Online tools

    Among online tools that I recommend you use to get the circle design scheme on Minecraft is there Pixel Circle Generator di, which is available for free at this link. Its use is simple: once you reach the web page I just linked to, use the fields Width o Height to set the length of the area you want to work on.

    I advise you to set the value 6 or a higher one to have a geometric figure that has the slightest semblance of a circle. After indicating the value on one of the two fields, the scheme will be automatically generated. THE red squares correspond to the position of the blocks that you will have to reproduce in the world of Minecraft.

    If you want to build an oval figure instead of a perfect circle, uncheck the box Force circle and indicates values 鈥嬧媐or Width e Height. Furthermore, if you want it, you have the possibility to configure the circle scheme in order to set the thickness of the stroke or the filling of the geometric shape: in this regard, use the drop-down menu to choose the values Thick (continuous track), Thin (thin trace) or Filled (filled circle).

    Do you want to share the project with a friend? In this case, use the keys SVG o PNG to download a copy of the image in these formats and then send it via email or other file sharing tools, such as messaging applications, social networks (Facebook or similar) or file transfer tools, according to your needs.

    In addition to the solution that I presented to you in the previous lines, I also recommend you Pixel Circle Generator di CytoDev. This online tool, although not designed for Minecraft, allows you to set a radius of the circle to get a design scheme. However, it is not possible to generate ovals or export the project, except through tools to capture the screen, such as those I have indicated to you in this guide of mine.

    In case you want to set the stroke thickness of the circle circumference, you need to move up ON the lever that you find next to the wording Continuous circle.

    Another feature that might interest you is the one called Clear on visualise: moving up OFF the appropriate lever, you can generate concentric circles useful for creating interesting projects, such as the plan of an area of 鈥嬧媋 circular building or decorations.

    App for smartphones and tablets

    In addition to the online tools I told you about in the previous chapter, I also recommend a few Whatsapp available for Android e iOS, which can help you in making wheel designs.


    Androidfor example, the Circle for Minecraft app is available. After downloading and installing it on your device, using the button Install of the Play Store, start it and in its main screen you will find a drop-down menu with which to set the method of generating the circle scheme.

    You can choose the options Size o Radius: in the first case, you can set the diameter of the circle, while in the second case you must indicate the value of the radius. After typing the value, the circle will be automatically generated, which you can reproduce in the world of Minecraft. In case you want to export the project, tap on the button Save image, to keep the image in PNG in the folder Download of Android.


    If you have a iPhone or iPad, you can use XiB Circles, available for free on the App Store. Then reach the link I gave you via your device and tap the button Get. Once this is done, unlock the download and installation via Face ID, Touch ID or iCloud account password and press the button apri, to start XiB Circles.

    After starting the app, press thecircle icon, which you find at the top left, and press on the value next to the wording Select Diameter, to set the diameter of the circle. At this point, press the button Show circle, to generate the pattern of a circle.

    An interesting feature of this app is the value shown next to the wording Blocks, above the generated circle project: this value indicates the amount of blocks you will need to build the circle and, therefore, give you an idea of 鈥嬧媡he amount of resources you will need to collect in Minecraft.

    How to make a circle in Minecraft

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