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    How to make a cake in Minecraft


    • How to make a cake in Minecraft
    • How to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft
    • How to eat a cake in Minecraft

    How to make a cake in Minecraft

    Su Minecraft, of all the foods available, you have the possibility to create one Cake to feed your avatar. The latter is represented by a square-shaped block consisting of seven slices. This means that when you interact on it to feed your avatar, slices will be consumed and not the whole cake, as is the case with most foods in Minecraft.

    Making a cake is very simple and allows your avatar to recover Hunger points. In fact, eating awhole cake, are restored 14 Hunger points, namely 7 leg icons, 2,8 saturation points. The latter is an important but hidden data that expresses the avatar's degree of satiety: the higher this value, the less quickly the Hunger points will drop.

    Whereas the cake is split into slices, each of them will allow you to restore 2 Hunger points e 0,4 saturation points. Obviously, eating a cake can be the best way to quickly restore hunger points, but it is not the ideal food to keep the saturation level under control.

    That said, a cake can be obtained in several ways: as a reward in a trunk which you can find during your adventures by trading with a NPC (non-player character) of villages in exchange for emeralds or by creating it in a bank gives lavoro.

    In the latter case, you will have to find all the necessary resources in order to be able to create a cake. First you will need some eggs, which are automatically produced by the hens periodically (between 5 and 10 minutes of waiting).

    In addition to the eggs, you will need some sugar, which you can get from the processing of Sugar cane in a workbench. If you do not know where to find sugar canes, I warn you that you can find several near waterways.

    Plus, you'll also need some Grain: unfortunately it is not easy for you to find wheat in nature to collect, but you can get it as a reward in the trunks you find in the world of Minecraft, or by cultivating it, as I explained to you in this guide of mine.

    Finally, the last useful resource for creating a cake is the XNUMX cups milk. But first, you'll need a Bucket, which you can make in a furnace with 3 unit of Iron Bar. With the bucket equipped, approach a cow and interact on it to collect 1 unit of Bucket of milk.

    When you have all the ingredients that I have indicated, in a workbench, place 3 unit of Bucket of milk, 2 units of Sugar, 1 unit of Egg e 3 units of Wheat. By doing so, you will be able to collect from the slot alongside 1 unit of Pie.

    How to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft

    Another cake you can make in Minecraft is the one made with pumpkin. It is a variant of cake, compared to the one I told you about in the previous chapter, which restores fewer Hunger points, but more saturation points.

    La pumpkin pie, in fact, it allows you to recover only 8 Hunger points, i am 4,8 saturation points. This does not mean that the pumpkin pie is better than the regular one, but that both can be used according to the situation that arises.

    La Pumpkin pie it can be found in some chests found in villages in the Taiga biome, but you can also have the option to purchase it from village NPCs. Alternatively, you can decide to create it yourself, following the advice you will find in the lines below.

    First, you will need some sugar and eggs. The first resource you can get it, in a workbench, from Sugar canes present near waterways. The second resource, on the other hand, is periodically generated by the hens. Finally, you will need to get one Pumpkin, which you can find in any biome in the Minecraft world where there is grass (even if it is covered in snow).

    When you have all the ingredients you need, on a workbench, add 1 unit of Pumpkin, 1 unit of Eggs e 1 units of Sugar, so as to obtain 1 unit of Pumpkin Pie.

    How to eat a cake in Minecraft

    In Minecraft, generally, eating any food is a simple operation, as all you have to do is equip the food in question and hold down the interaction button, so that the animation for which the avatar will feed is played.

    This is also the case with the Pumpkin pie, which I told you about in the previous chapter: equipping the Pumpkin pie and pressing the interaction button, your avatar will be able to eat the whole cake, so as to recover Hunger points and saturation points. Easy, am I right?

    As regards, however, the Cake, which I told you about in the opening chapter of this guide, you will have to perform a slightly different procedure: first of all, after having equipped the Cake, place it on any block; then, press the interaction button on it, in order to immediately eat a slice. Easy, right?

    How to make a cake in Minecraft

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