How to make a bucket in Minecraft

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How to build a bucket in Minecraft

If you want to know how to build a bucket in minecraft, the first thing you need to do is recover the main resource for its realization, that is the iron. This material can be easily obtained by digging underground and using a pickaxe on of the iron veins.

By doing so, the Raw Iron, which you can work within a Furnace to get i Iron ingots. The latter are the only resource you need for making a bucket in Minecraft.

Therefore, in a bank gives lavoro, place 3 units of Iron Ingots, so you can collect 1 unit of Bucket from the slot on the right of the interface. I warn you that a Bucket unit can only collect one unit of a resource (water, lava, etc.). That said, if you need to gather more resources, you'll need to craft more buckets.

While empty buckets can be stacked in inventory in groups of up to 16 each, as soon as you fill them with any resource, each full bucket will occupy 1 inventory slot. Keep this fundamental concept in mind to keep inventory space free based on the use you need to make of this tool.

That said, let's now see how to use a bucket in Minecraft, in order to collect some resources available in the game world.

How to fill a bucket in Minecraft

Before explaining to you how to fill a bucket in minecraft, it is my duty to tell you what resources you can collect and, in general, what other uses this tool is intended for.

First, you need to know what a bucket can be used for survive underwater, albeit for brief moments. In fact, by interacting with a bucket on a block of water near your avatar's head, you can create a temporary air pocket that can prevent you from losing life points.

In addition to this, you can use a bucket to collect resources, such as thewater washed or even the XNUMX cups milk. As for thewater and washed, all you have to do is equip a bucket and interact on one water source or on one source of lava. By doing so, the corresponding resource will be collected which you can then pour wherever you want, interacting again with the full bucket on any block.

As regards the XNUMX cups milkinstead, this can be extracted from cows or come on mooshroom, of the particular cows that live in the Mushroom Island. Milk has two specific uses: drinking it to eliminate state effects or for the preparation of cakes. The milk cannot be poured, but used directly through the bucket.

In addition to these uses, the bucket can also be useful for collect fish swimming in lakes, rivers or the sea. All you have to do to use it for this purpose is to fill in a secchio d'acqua and, subsequently, immerse yourself in the water as you approach the fish who swim, like the cod, salmon, puffer fish or tropical fish.

When you are close enough, equip the bucket full of water and interact on the fish, to capture it inside it. To free the fish, then equip the bucket of water that contains it and interact on any block, in order to remove both the water and the fish contained in the bucket itself.

Collecting fish with a bucket can be useful if, for example, you intend to build a pond, a fountain or an aquarium near your shelter. In case you want to know how to build the latter, I recommend reading my guide on how to make an aquarium in Minecraft.

How to make a bucket in Minecraft

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