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    How to lie down on Minecraft

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    • Preliminary information
    • How to lie down on Minecraft
    • How to lie on the bed in Minecraft

    Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to lie down on Minecraft, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

    Well, the title of Mojang does not allow, by default, to make your avatar lie down, except on a particular occasion: when you go to sleep. In fact, as the English Minecraft Wiki also points out, in the basic version of the game the "animation" of lying down is used only on this occasion.

    It would therefore not be possible to lie down in other situations of the game, but, you already know, the title of Mojang is highly customizable thanks to the against and data pack created by the community (especially for the Java version of Minecraft per PC).

    It is not, therefore, a case that there is a data pack for Minecraft Java Edition designed precisely to allow make the character lie down. How does it work? Read on and you will find out.

    How to lie down on Minecraft

    After explaining to you what are the possibilities offered by Minecraft in relation to lying down inside the game, I would say that it is time to take action and learn how to use the data pack called Lie Down, compatible with the Java version of the game and, more specifically, with one of its most popular releases: 1.4 (together with 1.14.4).

    So if you want to know how to lie down in minecraft 1.14, go to the 9Minecraft website and click on the link first Download to Server 1 (or on the link Download to Server 2), present under the item relating to Minecraft version in your possession (1.14 / 1.14.4) and then on the button DOWNLOAD, to download the Lie Down data pack.

    A complete download, avvia Minecraft version 1.14/1.14.4 (I recommend 1.14.4). If you have updated the game and do not know how to start a game of this type, I recommend that you take a look at my tutorial on how to change the version of Minecraft.

    So press the button first Single player and in no time his quello Create a new world. After that, maybe set it to mode Creative, and click the button Create a new world. This will create the match where you will make use of the data pack to lie down.

    Once in the game world, press the button Esc keyboard, click the option Save and returns to the main menu. Next, press on the button Single playerselect il world you created earlier and click the button first Modification e poi quello Open the world folder.

    A window will open in which you will find a folder named datapacks. Open, therefore, the latter and move inside the file liedown- [version] .zip obtained previously. After that, just extract the contents of the zip archive and that's it. Pay attention to the fact that there is just a liedown folder and not two, otherwise the data pack will not work properly.

    Now press the button Save and start the game via the icon Play. Once in the game world, press the button T on the keyboard, type the command / reload and give Submit. If you can't do this, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to use commands in Minecraft.

    Finally, if everything has been done correctly, just hold down the button Shift of the keyboard (the one usually used for squatting) e look down, to make your avatar lie down.

    If you want to see the situation better, I recommend that you press the button F5 of the keyboard, so that you have a third person view.

    How to lie on the bed in Minecraft

    How do you say? Aren't you going to install a data pack to do this and just want to see the animation of your character lying on the bed? No problem, I'll tell you how to do it right away.

    Well, in this case it is enough to approach the bed and press the button to interact with it. In the Java version of Minecraft, just use the left mouse button on the bed. If you want to see your character lying down, I recommend that you press the button before interacting with the bed F5 on the keyboard, in order to activate the third person view.

    I remind you that in Minecraft you can only sleep on notte or during a temporal. For the rest, you might be interested in consulting my tutorial on how to make the bed in Minecraft.

    Great, now you know everything there is to know regarding the ability to lie down within the Mojang title. However, I would also recommend the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, within which you can find many other tutorials that could be for you.

    How to lie down on Minecraft

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