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The adrenaline of being a fraud in Among Us is an incredible inclination. It is tied to being cunning, quick, mysterious and also having a decent procedure to kill and deal damage without getting caught, however how can you be a decent faker if you have no idea how to kill yourself in Among Us? Don't worry, we're here to fix it.

Killing in Among Us is really simple, the problematic thing is recognizing the perfect opportunity to do it since when you kill you leave a body lying on the ground and that is the means by which the group reports any speculation that is near the body in that moment and best of luck assuming any of them figured out how to see you when you did.

Steps to kill like an impostor

It's important to explain that this is an elite ability for frauds, so on the off chance that it doesn't show up on the home screen that you play that part, you can't anticipate following up on a kill option.

At present, suppose that you definitely realize that you are a fraud. Assuming you see the bottom screen of the game, explicitly on the right side, you will see two buttons: damage and kill.

The damage button will always be dynamic, possibly deactivating exactly when you or another fraud has enacted it, they need to sit around 15 seconds for another round. The kill button can be dynamic when you are passing another part of the group.

Make sure that you are absolutely alone with your down and as long as you have the door open, as soon as possible method of him to press the "kill" button.

When you press it, you'll get an activity relating to how you killed your accomplice and there are many types of intriguing passes to watch.

So at that moment, you will see that his body is on the ground, so you will have to quickly find a vent cover to save it, run to where the different players are and imagine that nothing happened or, better yet, be the person who report the dead to ask questions of others who killed him.

An interaction will only require a couple of moments, however, as we have said before, what is truly significant will be your ability to flee the zone of wrongdoing or persuade the different players of your innocence.

It is most appropriate to kill another player solidly in the middle of a damage as there you can exploit the mess created by the crisis to find a part of the defenseless group alone. You can especially choose the electrical damage, with which all the lights on the ship are turned off, making it more difficult for another player to see you at that moment.

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