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    How to install Minecraft Education Edition

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    • Minecraft: Education Edition requirements
    • How to download Minecraft: Education Edition on computer
      • Windows
      • MacOS
    • How to install Minecraft: Education Edition on tablets

    Minecraft: Education Edition requirements

    Before explaining, in detail, how to download Minecraft Education Edition, I believe it is my duty to provide you with some more information regarding the requirements to be met in order to use the software.

    First of all, you must know that Minecraft: Education Edition is available in three versions: as a “desktop” program for Windows and macOS, as an application for Windows 10 PCs and tablets and as an app for iPad (and Android tablets, albeit in an experimental version).

    In order to use Minecraft: Education Edition, regardless of the platform you choose, you must have a account Microsoft 365 for Education and then log in with the profile associated with your school. However, a free trial version is available, which allows you to “take” a trial lesson to test the game.

    Having made this necessary clarification, let's take a look at the hardware requirements necessary for the game to work, which are as follows.

    • Processor: Intel i3-3210 3.2 GHz, AMD A8-7600 or equivalent.
    • RAM: 2 GB.
    • Integrated video card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5, with support for OpenGL 4.4.
    • Scheda discreet video: Nvidia GeForce 400, oppure AMD Radeon HD 7000, with support for OpenGL 4.4.
    • Disk space: at least 1 GB of spazio libero.

    To achieve an even smoother gaming experience, it would be recommended to have the following hardware requirements (or higher) available.

    • Processor: Intel i5-4690 3.5GHz, AMD A10-7800 or equivalent.
    • RAM: 4 GB.
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 700, or AMD Radeon Rx 200, with support for OpenGL 4.5.
    • Disk space: 4 GB.

    The minimum requirements needed to be able to run Minecraft: Education Edition in the form of application for Windows 10 they are slightly different from those seen a little while ago. Here they are specified below.

    • Processor: Intel i5-4690, AMD A10-7800 or equivalent.
    • RAM: 2 GB.
    • Integrated video card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 oppure AMD Radeon R5.
    • Disk space: 6 GB
    • Operating System: Windows 10 version 14393.0 or successive.

    To achieve the best gaming experience, however, the following requirements (or more powerful versions of the listed hardware) are suggested.

    • Processor: Intel i7-6500U, AMD A8-6600K or equivalent.
    • RAM: 4 GB.
    • Scheda discreet video: NVIDIA GeForce 940M or AMD Radeon HD 8570D.
    • Disk space: 6 GB
    • Operating System: Windows 10 version 14393.0 or successive.

    To find out which version of Windows 10 your computer is running, press the key combination Win + R and type the winver command in it, followed by pressing the key Submit on the keyboard.

    For MacOS, you just need to have it available 2 GB of RAM it's about 9 GB of disk space; regarding iPadOS, it is sufficient that the tablet has a version of iOS equal to or higher than 8, or iPadOS.

    How to download Minecraft: Education Edition on computer

    After making sure that your PC is capable of running Minecraft: Education Edition smoothly, it's time to figure out how to install the game on Windows and macOS.


    To download Minecraft: Education Edition at Windows, in "desktop" version, connected to the official website of the game, click on the button Get Minecraft: Education Edition and then on the button desktop collocato sotto the dicitura Download for Windows, in order to download the installation package of the trial version of the game.

    Once the download is complete, launch the file obtained previously (eg. MinecraftEducationEdition_x86_XXYY.exe), use the drop-down menu displayed on the screen to select the language of your interest and click on the button NEXT per due turn consecutive.

    Once this is done, put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms contained in the License Agreement, click the button again NEXT three consecutive times and then on Install e Yes. Finally, wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and click on the button Ends, in order to complete the installation and start the game.

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in installing the Minecraft: Education Edition application on a computer or tablet equipped with Windows 10, after connecting to the game download page, click on the button Download Windows Store Version and then on the buttons Open App Installer (if necessary) e Install.

    To start the test game, put the check mark next to the item Accept the terms, located in the box Start a demo lesson, then click the button Play e The lesson begins. Remember that, to unlock the full version of Minecraft: Education Edition, you will need to log in with your school's Microsoft account.


    I invented, I used a Mac, proceed as follows: connected to the download page of Minecraft: Education Edition, click on the button Mac resident under the heading Download for Apple and wait for the software download package to download to your computer.

    Now, launch the package .dmg so obtained, drag the icon of the game into the folder Applications of the Mac and open it. To run the program for the first time, right click on the icon Minecraft: Education Editionclick sulla voce apri located in the proposed context menu and click on the button apri, in order to overcome the restrictions of macOS against applications from non-certified developers (this operation must be done only at the first start).

    How to install Minecraft: Education Edition on tablets

    Minecraft: Education Edition it is available not only as a computer program, but also as an iPad app. This version, however, does not include the possibility to participate in a trial lesson: therefore, download it only if you have a Microsoft 365 Education account associated with your school.

    Anyway, to download the app, start theApp Store, by tapping on the icon "A" bianca his azzurro background residing on the iPadOS Home screen, tap the tab Search and type “minecraft education edition” within the field that is proposed to you.

    Next, tap the button Search on the keyboard, find the most relevant result (the app is developed by Mojang) and tap the button Ottieni / Installa to download the application on iPad. Finally, authenticate using Face ID, touch ID o Password Apple ID to complete the installation. After getting the app, start it, tap the button Log in and log in using your school's Microsoft account credentials to start playing.

    For your information, Minecraft: Education Edition is also available for Android animated tablets and for notebooks equipped with ChromeOS and with support for Android apps, on the Google Play Store: the app, however, is still in the process of being development and may present various types of malfunctions and bugs.

    How to install Minecraft Education Edition

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