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    How to have Among Us in Spanish

    In a game like Among Us, it's vital that it's in the language you understand. In fact, it is true that one with so many games in English begins to get familiar with some words that make everything easier, but in Among Us what you really want is to talk to the team, either to protect yourself from an accusation or to control others assuming that you are the fraud, and it will be an undeniable challenge to get it in a room where everyone communicates in English.

    So you better find out how to put Among Us in Spanish, keeping in mind that your language depends on the type of rooms that will appear in the game and the type of players with whom you will have to be in the game:

    How to have Among Us in Spanish

    Instructions to put Among Us in Spanish

    Open the app and look for the thing-shaped symbol at the bottom of your screen, i.e. the settings symbol.

    Select it, you will see that it has a few submenus, the one you really want is the one called "Information"

    This is the place where you can choose your language, obviously you must choose Spanish among each of the ideas that are presented to you.

    When you apply the changes, the entire stage should change to Spanish immediately.

    By having the game in Spanish, it will be easier for you to make different changes, such as the goal, the types of controls, change the name of your client or change the real qualities of your personality, for example.

    In addition, it is essential that you understand that you will now receive the rounds of players who also communicate in Spanish and, assuming that you become the host and make a private game with your companions, you will have to advise each of them to choose the Spanish language as well. and the same area of ​​the game that you decided for your room, since in any case, regardless of whether they have the entry code, they will never have the option to find you.

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