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Today there are about 35 characters in Brawl Stars, which are divided into normal, epic, incredible, legendary and chromatic. Each character is achieved alternately, some through the prize route, which we will acquire as we tinker, and others, only through boxes and uber boxes.

Currently, many individuals try to use hacks to get each of the characters in the double without going through the whole course of playing many games and getting the boxes, so in this article we will let you know if this is conceivable or not.

The most effective method to Hack Brawl Stars to have all the characters

Above all, it should be noted that there is a very high probability that assuming you use a hack, either to obtain characters or for something else in the game, there is a danger that you may be banned from Brawl forever. Stars , which can be exceptionally damaging as you would lose everything you would have achieved.

In all actuality so long there is no protected hack to get each of the characters, in any case, assuming there are alternative ways that would allow you to get more diamonds, crates and uber crates that will help you with obtaining characters, devices and much more. Here we will tell you everything.

There are three methods to get boxes:

Continuing with our path of prizes: For this we will have to play and dominate many games until we get a chest, or bombing that, we will also open some normal characters.

Free box day by day: Every day we can guarantee a free Brawl box as a prize.

Collect tokens: Every time we collect 100 tokens we will get one (1) free box. These tokens can be acquired by playing and dominating matches, but if you level up or finish an achievement, you will get more tokens.

You can also get some more rare or very rare brawlers in the store, in exchange for jewels that you can buy or get dynamically (in small amounts) in the game, however month by month or week by week there are offers that are really attractive .

There are numerous applications that will help you get free pearls like BS diamonds, Free Gems for Brawl Stars, Gem Counter, 2k20 tips and new 2k20 tip, Among other numerous applications that will help you get free gems, some are received by supercell, for which you won't have a problem with, however others won't, so be careful.

Therefore, as of not too long ago it is unimaginable to wait to hack Brawl Stars to obtain each of the characters in the game, however, on the off chance that this changes, here we are going to shed light on it as soon as the time allows. Assuming that you enjoyed this post, remember that we have much more help in Brawl Stars for you.

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