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    How to Gift Among Us Pets

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    We've seen it all in Among Us, we've seen creepypastas, individuals trying to trick different players, and even individuals trying to associate with different players through conversation, so it's not to be expected that the question "How do I give pets?" in Among Us?", as it would be an extraordinary option to intrigue different clients.

    For individuals who are still looking to gift them, we have two news for you: this is not a component that is enabled in the game yet, almost certainly, when an update is made where a list of companions is added, perhaps pets, skins and ornaments as gifts, however, up to this point, you can get it for yourself and "share" the choice with the one who made it so that they have it too.

    Step-by-step instructions for gifting pets in Among Us

    Option 1: pay, obviously

    The ideal is to get the pets through a similar game application, you just have to log in, look for the symbol as currency and enter the segment of payment components. There you will find from clothes and accomplices to beloved pets, you can even have the option to pay for pet packages to have some of them.

    Option 2: with mods / hacks

    This may be the least secure option as it infers you to download discs and insert them into your gadget, be it phone or PC. Search the web for "mod to get all pets for nothing" and download the records of famous destinations, similar to Holy Mod for example.

    At this time, duplicate those records and put them in the first pack of the game. In the event that it asks you to spoof some records, accept it and open the game to claim that you have the dynamic pets.

    Tragically on the off chance that you are playing from a Mac this is certainly not an option for you.

    Option 3: with applications to get credits

    You may not have it at the time you'd like, however this is a protected option to have the pets you need and surprisingly many different items that are paid for in-game.

    There are apps that ask you to finish reviews like Google Opinion Rewards or even try new apps and games so that you can get credits in your Google account. When you complete the necessities that the app asks of you or complete a specific number of studies, you can use those credits to buy anything you want in the game.

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