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    How to Get the Exclusive YouTube Pet in Among Us

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    First of all, we must remember that pets do not satisfy any extraordinary ability in the game, that is, they will not help you win or leave you a benefit, they are just little companions of your personality that will follow you throughout the entire ship, stand close until some phony appears trying to kill you.

    There is a wide assortment of accessible pets, in the event that you were looking for how to get each of the pets in Among Us, it is actually very problematic in light of the fact that there are pages and players who are dedicated to making their own. pets and to use them through Mods, so you'll be lucky assuming you know all of them or, again, in case they give you the registration to download and have them. However, for now, we need to figure out how to get the most popular ones:

    Instructions to get pets in Among Us

    In the authority game store, you will be able to track pet packs at a cost of 1 to 2,99 USD that gives you access to 2 pets. It is up to you to have them all, however these are the accessible ones:

    Bedcrab Pack: where the Bedcrab and Squiq pets are.

    Crewmate Pack – Featuring the popular Mini Crewmate and the Robot.

    Hamster Pets Pack: with hamster and canine pets.

    Brainslug Pets Pack: Brainslug and UFO Pets.

    Stickmin's Pet Pack: Featuring pets Henry and Ellie.

    To get these pets for free, many pages on the web can help you how to download a document to do it in the style of Mods, where you must duplicate those components in the game's authority data envelope for them to work. It is anything but a prescribed choice assuming you are new to these Mods themes and do not realize which page is protected to download them.

    The mascots of YouTube and Twitch.

    The lucky ones that you see with the Twitch mascot is due to the fact that they acquired it by watching a Twitch broadcast for more than 30 minutes in mid-2020, which is the point at which this little friend named Glitch was opened. While, on account of YouTube, it is said that its starting point comes from a Mod that they made a while ago, however you can find it by searching for it on pages like Holy Mod.

    Perhaps the motivation behind why these pets are so famous within Among Us Although they do not have a particular ability, is that they can respond in a funny way when their personality passes, for example, some will mourn when they see the corpse of the player and They will stay with them for a long time.

    You must take into account that the game does not allow you to have 2 pets with you simultaneously per game, whether or not they are paid or downloaded. You can transform them when starting another game.

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