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    How to get the exclusive Twitch pet in Among Us

    Crew member pets are probably the smartest method of tweaking our characters, which is why many have recently been intrigued on how to get the Twitch pet in Among Us, as it ties together two of the things that we like best: our beloved game with the setting of the world's largest social computer game.

    New to the Twitch scene? Chances are that a large number of your beloved players and youtubers have previously referred, however in the off chance that you're not too sure, it's a live streaming stage where players show off their existing rounds apart from everything else. others and different customers can view for free and comment on the recordings. They do not have advertising or additional charges, which is why it has become very famous also locally.

    The most effective method to get the Twitch pet in Among Us

    To get the little Glitch, the mascot that looks like the Twitch logo, these are the means you must follow:

    Sign in to your Twitch account with your username and passphrase.

    Watch and access one of the Twitch Rivals streams playing Among Us.

    Click "Claim" This option appears in the chat or Drop Inventory when you've watched the video for something like 30 minutes.

    Interface your records Among Us and Twitch through the game settings menu, at the things prompt, then at that point select "Information".

    Then, at that point, select the Twitch symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen and enter your Twitch account details. Recognize the conditions for the interface of the two registers and that's it.

    At this moment you have the Twitch authority pet in your game, without paying more, without any additional means. The main thing you need to know is that this is a temporarily accessible pet for the long stretch of December, so you should be aware of the true interpersonal organizations of the engineers and the Twitch news in case they reactivate it late. either early or on the other hand assuming one of the players knows one of the secrets to make her "come back" as we have seen for the Halloween and Christmas things that InnerSlot is responsible for leaving in the game these seasons

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