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    How to get pro on Minecraft


    How to get pro on Minecraft

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    Before I actually explain to you how to become pro on Minecraft, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration.

    I start by advising you to take the time you need to get to know this game to the fullest, since the amount of content inside it is really huge and, consequently, this also applies to the information to keep in mind to become a better player. .

    The hidden mechanics of Minecraft, while not particularly difficult to assimilate, are so many, so don't be discouraged if you can't improve overnight. That said, keep reading this guide to find out how to get better at Minecraft.

    Learn about crafting

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    One of the most important skills a Minecraft player can possess is that of learn about crafting of the game. This is because being able to build any object you need at a given moment can sometimes be crucial for your survival.

    Obviously, not knowing all the crafting by heart does not pose a huge problem, especially if you play in Single Player mode, but it must be said that it also depends on the situations. If you're looking for a quiet play experience to relax, then not knowing all about crafting shouldn't be particularly annoying. If, on the other hand, you are a frenetic player who does not allow himself moments of respite, knowing the crafting of certain items, at least the most important ones, is crucial.

    In any case, keep in mind that you can find the recipe for any item in Minecraft on the game's official online wiki. However, it is advisable to try to remember the recipes by heart, so that you can have a smoother and simpler gaming experience.

    Finding minerals

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    I minerals are some of the essential resources to be able to progress in Minecraft. The location of the minerals, however, is very specific and easy to learn. For example, everyone knows that diamonds are under height 16, right? Well, before proceeding with this guide, I inform you that all this is about to be turned upside down.

    With the arrival of the version 1.17 of Minecraftin fact, the location of the minerals has been slightly varied, so it will certainly be useful to learn how to find minerals in the "new" Minecraft, so as not to be lost.

    Given the expansion of the subsoil up to block -64 for theOverworld, minerals have also been scattered with more order and uniformity, changing the way they are generated in worlds. Below you can find the updated values ​​of the vertical Y axis for each mineral.

    • Coal ─ located uniformly between the Y axis 320 and 136 and between 190 and 0, more concentrated around height 95 (the latter wave has a low probability of being generated when exposed to air).
    • Copper ─ located between the Y axis 190 and 0, more concentrated around the height 95.
    • Iron ─ located between the Y axis 320 and 128, more concentrated around the height 255; between 54 and -24, mostly concentrated around height 15; uniformly between -32 and -63.
    • Gold ─ located between the Y axis 30 and -63, mostly concentrated around the -17 height (with low probability of being generated when exposed to air).
    • Lapis Lazuli ─ located between the Y axis 30 and -32, more concentrated around the height -1 and between 64 and -64 (the latter wave cannot be generated when exposed to air).
    • Red Rock ─ located between the Y axis 15 and -63, more concentrated in the lower part.
    • Diamond ─ located between the Y axis 14 and -63, more concentrated in the lower part (with low probability of being generated when exposed to air).
    • Emerald ─ located between the Y axis 320 and 32, more concentrated around the height 255 (for the Bedrock Edition it is located between the Y axis 256 and 128, more concentrated in the lower part).

    As for the minerals located in the Netherinstead, the location has remained unchanged and you can see it below.

    • Quartz ─ located uniformly between the Y axis 117 and 10 (spawns in all biomes except the Basalt Delta).
    • Gold ─ located uniformly between the Y axis 117 and 10 (spawns in all biomes except the Basalt Delta).
    • Netherite (in the form of Ancient Debris) ─ located uniformly between the Y axis 119 and 8, more concentrated around height 15 (cannot be generated when exposed to air).

    Now that you are aware of this information, all you have to do is memorize it as soon as possible and act accordingly. For example, knowing that certain minerals such as i Lapis Lazuli and Netherite they cannot be generated when they are exposed to the air, to find them you are already aware of the fact that you will not be able to locate them on the surface and that therefore you will have to dig.

    I advise you to focus on researching Diamonds and Netherite, as at the moment these are the materials that can make you a player to be feared (in particular, the latter is the strongest material in the game). In this regard, if you want to know how to find them faster, I suggest you consult my guides where I explain how to find diamonds in Minecraft and how to find Netherite in Minecraft.

    Confront the monsters

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    To face monsters in minecraft, the first thing to do is to know them, so that you know how to defeat them. In this regard, among the most difficult to take down we have the various bosses of the game, including theEnderdrago, Wither and Ancient Guardian.

    To defeat each of them, you can implement various tactics. There are those who prefer to adopt one close fighting style, which is usually the fastest one due to the big damage, but also the riskiest one. The simplest and safest one, on the other hand, is it distance fighting style, possible thanks to the use of a bow, or a trident, if you have one. Alternatively, there are also less conventional methods to be able to defeat these three bosses, which consists ofuse of objects apparently harmless, but deadly if used correctly. The difficulty in these lies only in the organization, but they will lead to an optimal result.

    For example, for kill the Enderdrago without the need to have suitable equipment, you can resort to using some Bed. To do this, first of all, once you get to the End, make sure you destroy the crystals that regenerate the Enderdrago before fighting it, located on the top of the obsidian towers.

    Once this is done, you have to wait for the dragon to rest above the portal in Bedrock in order to attack it. At this point, place a Bed on the highest end of the portal and take cover under it and finally right click on the Bed. By doing so, since it is not possible to sleep in the End, the bed will explode and cause damage to the Enderdrago. So just repeat this process until you have taken him out. All without the need for weapons or armor!

    kill the WitherHowever, even in this case there is a trick that could be for you. This consists in summoning the boss in the Nether, precisely on the maximum height of the dimension, where the Bedrock. In this way, since these blocks are placed randomly on the ceiling of the Nether, it will be enough to choose a good point in which the Wither will get stuck, preventing it from moving or defending itself.

    Once you have summoned the Wither in this manner, you can easily kill him as he will remain motionless. In this regard, although there is not necessarily a need for armor for this method, you should still get a sword or ax that is at least in Iron, to counter the regeneration of the Wither.

    If you want kill the ancient GuardianInstead, you need to know that this is the most difficult of the three bosses, in terms of equipment. In fact, given the many disadvantages of fighting this boss, facing him in close combat is the most conventional method.

    In this regard, before engaging in a fight with the Ancient Guardian, I advise you to equip yourself with an armor that is at least in Diamond, Night Vision Potions (to see underwater) and Golden Apples, as the fight will not be easy at all.

    During the fight, try to block the Ancient Guardian at a corner so that he cannot escape. This way, you'll be able to get him out more easily, as you won't have to waste time chasing him.

    Knowing how to survive

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    The first rule of Minecraft, which everyone knows, is to survive. For this reason, knowing how to do it in any circumstance is essential to continue your adventure without too many hitches.

    In order to survive in Minecraft, in addition to building a shelter, it is also important to have one stable source of food, so that he can heal himself when damage is received. To do this, you can rely above all on the hunting and cultivation.

    For hunting, I advise you to go to places where the generation of animals is more likely, such as the plains, or large sources of water for fish, such as the ocean or any river. In particular, it is advisable to start raising animals as soon as possible, as they are the most profitable source of food at the beginning.

    In any case, it would be optimal to start one cultivation as soon as possible (in particular, the most profitable seeds are those of melon and potatoes), because in the long term it will make survival much easier for you. My advice, therefore, is to start growing as soon as you get the chance: the sooner you start, the more yield you will produce as time goes by!

    Obviously, an important part of survival in Minecraft is also the equipment you have at your disposal. It is therefore essential to know how to find the right materials to get one, as I have explained to you in the previous chapters.

    Use the right enchantments

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    Self-respecting equipment must absolutely have at least a couple of enchantments. It is these, in fact, that make an armor or a sword reach their maximum potential. However, use the right enchantments on your armament is not always a simple choice.

    You should know that you can add an almost unlimited number of enchantments to an equipment, but the more you add, the more the price per experience increases. Additionally, there are certain enchantments that are not compatible when combined, so they cannot be added randomly.

    In any case, even the durability equipment will be affected as enchantments are added. In short, it is necessary to juggle them with caution, so as not to ruin the object in question too much.

    There are several dozen different enchantments in Minecraft, each with a specific function. The types of enchantments to be used depend entirely on the object in question, the situation and the style of play of the player who will use them.

    For example, if you need equipment suitable for the fight against monsters, below you will find the enchantments suitable for this.

    • Sword ─ Anathema or Bane of Arthropods (not compatible all together when on the same weapon), Aspect of Fire, Plunder and Slashing Blade
    • Crossbow ─ Multi Shot and Quick Charge
    • Armor ─ Protection, Explosion Protection or Bullet Protection (not compatible all together when on the same piece of armor) and Spine (armor)

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for equipment suitable for the fighting against other players, then it is better to rely on some different enchantments, which you can find below.

    • Sword ─ Sharpness and Fiery Aspect.
    • Crossbow ─ Drilling and Fast Charging.
    • Armor ─ Protection and Thorns.

    Also, another useful charm when playing online is Curse of Disappearance, which will make objects imbued with this spell disappear in the event of death. This way, if you die in combat against another player, they will have no way of stealing your most precious possessions.

    In any case, this spell is a double-edged sword, because once you are dead you will not be able to get the items back with this spell, so use it at your own risk.

    There are, then, some objects that can always be enchanted with the usual enchantments, regardless of the situation. For example, thearc will perform best in any situation with enchantments Power, Flame, Impact e Infinity.

    As far as the tools, on the other hand, the optimal enchantments are Efficiency e Fortuna. In addition, the Velvet Touch enchantment could also be useful, but only if strictly necessary, as in some situations it could even become annoying.

    Finally, there are enchantments that can be applied to any piece of equipment in any situation and which will help extend the durability of each one. The first among these is Indestructibility, which serves to decrease the possibility that objects lose durability during use.

    The second, on the other hand, is Restoration (not compatible with enchantment Infinity for the bow), which takes the experience gained by playing (obtained by fighting, mining, fishing, etc.) and converts it to durability for items equipped with this spell. However, this enchantment is among the rarest to find, so use it sparingly and only with the most valuable gear.

    Know the biomes

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    Each world of Minecraft is made up of numerous biomes that are different from each other, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functional ones. It is for this reason that know the biomes of the game is fundamental, so that you know what to expect within them to behave accordingly.

    The most interesting biomes ofOverworld are surely the ones who often hide loot, like theoceano, desert tundra and jungle. All of these, in fact, have a fair chance of generating structures containing excellent materials, such as enchantments, golden apples and equipment.

    The most important of all is certainly theoceano, since it can hide the underwater temple, the location of one of the game's three bosses, the Ancient Guardian. In addition to this, it is not at all difficult to find underwater wrecks, filled with precious objects.

    As for the biomes of the Nether, instead, you must know that the most noteworthy is the crimson forest, because it is the only biome that spawns the Piglins. The latter, in exchange for a gold bar, will offer the player a random item from a list of very useful items, such as enchanted books.

    Furthermore, the Crimson Forest is one of the most easily habitable biomes in the Nether, as it is possible to obtain food and raw materials to survive. For this reason, it is a great place to stop off in case you need it.

    Learn from professional players

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    One of the best ways to learn how to do something better is surely to analyze what the most experienced people in the field are doing. For this, if you want to improve on Minecraft, I invite you to follow professional players, so you can learn from them all the most important things you need to know.

    Of course, the players to follow depend on what you want to specialize in. In fact, the four main roles you can train in to become more experienced are there construction, the fighting, the parkour and minigames. The latter in particular are very popular, so the Web is full of guides in this regard.

    In any case, on YouTube you can find many videos dedicated to special advice to improve on Minecraft, regardless of the field in which you would like to specialize. To find them, connect to the official YouTube site, or open it through the appropriate app on Android or iPhone / iPad, then type "Get pro on Minecraft" e dai confirms.

    Alternatively, Twitch is also a great site (also available as an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS) to rely on. The famous platform owned by Amazon, in fact, hosts daily professional Minecraft players who show their methods to do certain things more effectively and who often dispense tips to improve. More info here.

    In addition, I also recommend that you follow the competitive scene of Minecraft, watching the various most famous tournaments that are organized from time to time. Watch the professional players at work and analyze their actions and then apply their methods and you will see that you will be able to improve in no time!

    Buy the right accessories

    How to get pro on Minecraft

    Finally, if you want to take it a step further, you might as well opt for buy a keyboard or mouse more cutting edge and targeted for this kind of thing. Obviously it is not a necessary step to improve, but it is certainly an extra help to improve more easily.

    In this regard, I refer you to my guides dedicated to the subject, where I show you the best gaming keyboards and the best gaming mice. If, on the other hand, you play Minecraft with a controller, I refer you to my guide where I tell you about the best controllers for PC.

    How to get pro on Minecraft

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