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    How to Get Munchi in Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Munchi is one of the most beloved characters in Animal Crossing, as he is an unconventional neighbor. In this way, you may need to include it within your domain, and that is what you will learn here.

    Next, we reveal how to get munchi in Animal Crossing New skylines.

    The most effective method to get Munchi in Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Instruction exercise to get Munchi in Animal Crossing

    There are multiple ways to make Munchi your neighbor in Animal Crossing. Some of them are irregular, which are the ones that we are going to break down in any case, and others are explicit, however, for which a little more work needs to be done.

    In any case, you must take into account that you can have a total of 10 neighbors on your island, so you must select with caution. In any case, Munchi is one of the all time more attractive other options, and today we are going to stop for a minute what you need to do to achieve it:

    visit remote places

    Every time you visit a remote place, you will meet a neighbor, which is irregular. In case you're lucky, said neighbor may be Munchi, who you can bring to your own island. In addition, to adapt it, it is also possible to leave it as a neighbor in that place.

    Go to the camp region

    After you've played for a considerable amount of time, another area will open up: the Prep Camp region. Under certain conditions, arbitrary neighbors appear here with whom you can play a card game. Assuming you win, and by chance you get Munchi, from now on you will have him as a neighbor.

    totally arbitrary

    In some cases you don't have to do literally anything to get Munchi in Animal Crossing. There are times when he essentially shows up on your island and decides to stay on it. Obviously, this is possibly in the event that you have not exceeded the restriction of 10 neighbors per domain.

    amiibo cards

    As we have said before, there is only one explicit technique to make Munchi, as different neighbors, stay on your island. Each character has their Amiibo card, which is used at the town lobby terminal. With them it is feasible to choose the neighbor of your inclination, so nothing prevents you

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