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    How to Get Free Spins on Coin Master

    The Coin Master universe is moved by the spins you make on the gaming machine. With them it is possible to attack, take and have the safeguards that protect your town from any other player who tries to take your goods.

    The most effective method to get free spins in Coin Master

    Daily visits

    Open the app once a day. Yeah, that's it. When you see the home screen of the game, a notice will appear with the free spins you have won in Coin Master. You will also see that they will provide you with a daily supply of food for your pet.

    View advertising recordings

    It is a trick that is used in many games since they reward you for watching the full video of an advertisement. These possible open doors occur throughout the game, especially when making a roll or an assault.

    Accomplish missions and go to rare occasions

    On exceptional occasions, specific missions are promoted that you must complete in a certain time or with specific minimum needs, everything can vary on these occasions, however it is normal to find an extraordinary package of advantages, including free spins, as a prize.

    Ask your friends on Facebook

    The moment your Facebook buddies join the game, you naturally get 40 spins as long as they decide to join via the connection you share with them. If they download the game by themselves without tolerating your greeting, you will not be able to accept your free spins.

    Make more Facebook accounts

    Although it is not the most suggested, players like to make a few registrations to get the advantage of 40 spins, the cycle is very basic once they get the application to not distinguish the registration as doubtful or that the email e-mail be brief.

    Use of rewards applications (legal)

    CM Rewards or Spin Link They are two applications that link several connections and codes overflowing with free spins. Download the application, fill in your data and step by step you will notice how it is refreshed to give you more advantages.

    Use apks or apps like Lucky Patcher (hacks)

    Hacks should be your last option to get free spins, since they are registrations that are not so natural to introduce for certain players and because it is an alteration that modifies the first game, everything is said, the engineers will recognize it and They will delete your record.

    Assuming you really decide to use them, try to save them for short periods of time so you don't get reported and the engineers don't have second thoughts.

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