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    How to get experience in Minecraft

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    • What is the experience on Minecraft
    • How to get a lot of experience on Minecraft
      • Defeat the creatures of Minecraft
      • Collect and process materials
      • Other activities to gain experience on Minecraft
    • Other ways to get experience in Minecraft
      • Use the Experience command
      • How to make experience ampoules in Minecraft
      • Come fare una farm di esperienza your Minecraft

    What is the experience on Minecraft

    Su Minecraft, performing specific activities, such as defeating creatures or collecting materials, allows you to earn experience, also called EXP. If you are wondering what it is, you must know that it is a value that quantifies the reward that the player receives upon completing an activity.

    The experience on Minecraft can be seen via the status bar in the lower section of the game interface: a progress bar shows the current amount of EXP earned. When the bar is completed, it is reset and the number on the bar is increased. This number corresponds to the level of the character.

    While, generally, in video games the character level is useful for accessing new challenges and equipping more powerful items, in Minecraft it has the purpose of being able to upgrade and repair items. In fact, every time one of these activities just mentioned is carried out, the levels are spent and, therefore, part of the accumulated experience is consumed.

    If you want to know more about how to spend the experience on Minecraft, I recommend reading some of my articles dedicated to some activities related to this topic, such as the one on how to enchant objects on Minecraft or the one on how to craft an anvil, a very useful object to repair objects on Minecraft.

    How to get a lot of experience on Minecraft

    If you are wondering how to get a lot of experience on Minecraft, my advice is to carry out all the activities that allow you to earn large quantities of EXP or, alternatively, guarantee a quick acquisition of this resource. Find all the tips you need in the next chapters!

    Defeat the creatures of Minecraft

    One activity that you will surely come across multiple times in Minecraft is that of defeat the creatures that populate the world of this video game. When an enemy is defeated, items appear on the ground that the player can collect as a reward for the activity just completed. Along with these, there is also a small one luminous sphere, which gives a variable amount of EXP.

    Not all battles, however, allow you to earn EXP: you need to know, in fact, that in order to ensure that you get an sphere of EXP after the fight, it is generally necessary that the creature be defeated within 5 seconds.

    Attacking and defeating hostile creatures allows you to gain more EXP than passive ones, such as horses, sheep or pandas. Bats, golems, and baby animals provide no EXP upon their death. Also note that you can get extra EXP when you defeat creatures with weapons and armor.

    I remind you that experience from creatures can only be obtained if the player himself attacks them. This means that directly or indirectly it must be the player who attacks the creature: if the latter is defeated due to accidental events not caused by the player (such as burn in the sunlight) no EXP orbs will be generated.

    At present, the creatures that bestow the most experience are: i little ones of Zombies (12 EXP), i devastators e Brutal Piglin (20 EXP), he Wither (50 EXP) and the Drago dell'End (12.000 EXP in the first encounter and 500 EXP in subsequent encounters if recalled).

    Collect and process materials

    Another recurring activity in Minecraft is the one involving the collection of materials. Whenever you dig a block of a resource (except Iron and Gold), you gain an orb of EXP. Therefore, my advice is to equip yourself with a pickaxe and go in search of Coal, Nether Gold, Diamonds, Emeralds, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz of the Nether e Redstone.

    Of course, the material processing business also allows you to earn EXP. When you work minerals through a furnace, you gain experience, albeit to a much lesser extent than you gain by collecting them.

    Finally, cooking food also allows you to gain EXP. In this case, I can recommend reading my guide on how to eat in Minecraft, in which I explained to you in detail how to carry out this food preparation activity.

    Other activities to gain experience on Minecraft

    In addition to the activities mentioned in the previous chapters, you can do others to gain experience in Minecraft.

    For example, Feed the animals in order to make them mate is an activity that allows you to get EXP. However, some animals require taming first, such as horses, wolves, cats and llamas. In general, all you need to do is have the right food your pet wants and make sure there are at least two adults of the same species.

    By doing so, the animals will enter mating mode and a cub will be generated. If you want to know more about this topic, I suggest you read the advice I gave you in some guides I made, such as the one on how to tame a fox.

    Also the fishery is an activity that allows you to earn EXP: in this case, all you have to do is make a fishing rod and start fishing. You can also speed up this activity by creating a fishing farm, which I told you about in detail in this tutorial of mine.

    Finally, another useful activity is that of trade with NPCs (non-player characters). In the villages that you find scattered around the world of Minecraft - which I also told you about in this guide of mine - there are NPCs that allow you to make exchanges based on Emeralds. Each time a trade is concluded, a certain amount of EXP is also gained.

    Other ways to get experience in Minecraft

    Do you want to know other ways to get experience in Minecraft? Then all you have to do is continue reading the tips that you will find in the next chapters.

    Use the Experience command

    One method of getting EXP on Minecraft is to use the tricks, through which to issue the command experience. What you need to do, first of all, is to enable the command console on Minecraft. Depending on the version of the game you own (Bedrock o Java Edition), the way to activate this feature is different. Therefore, I advise you to consult in detail what I have already illustrated to you in this tutorial.

    After enabling the command console, call up the game chat, via the T button su PC o l’fumetto icon on other gaming platforms and type the command string /experience add @p [valore]. Just as an example, if you want to add 1.000 EXP points to your character, type the command /experience add @p 1000.

    How to make experience ampoules in Minecraft

    There are also some available on Minecraft potions that allow you to earn EXP immediately after using them. The potions in question are named Ampoules of experience and guarantee a quantity of experience between 3 and 11 points.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to craft these potions, but you can obtain them in a few ways: by purchasing them from a PNC priest at the cost of 3 units of Emeralds or by finding them in trunks buried or in those present in the outposts of the marauders or in the wrecks.

    Alternatively, you can enable the mode Creative on Minecraft (I explained how to do it in this tutorial of mine) and locate the potion in question within the character's inventory. In mode Survival, you can also activate the cheats and use the command /give @p experience_bottle 1 0.

    Come fare una farm di esperienza your Minecraft

    Do you want to gain experience quickly on Minecraft? Then I could make one farm to achieve this your goal.

    All you have to do is arm yourself with a lot of patience, collect all the materials necessary for its creation and carefully read the procedures that I have indicated to you in my guide on how to make an experience farm on Minecraft.

    How to get experience in Minecraft

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