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    How to Get Clothes in Among Us for Free

    Do you want to know how to get free Among Us clothes? No doubt, assuming you've researched the areas of personality customization in the game, you've seen that there is a segment called "Skins" which we refer to here as an outfit. There are some that are sans now, others will appear with the option to get them, however fortunately, in Dontruko we have a few cheats so you can get them without paying anything.

    Step-by-step instructions to get all the Skins of Among Us Free

    Do you need them at all? All you have to do is tap the button above, which are documents to download and put inside the game's authority envelope. It is extremely easy to find or enter, and there are constantly mods accessible for both PC gamers and individuals playing on Android.

    skins among us official

    These are the outfits that you will find naturally in the app, they are constantly accessible in your stock and will never be deleted. You can discover some fundamentals and give them a try, however you will still see that there are some that cost approximately 2-3 USD. They are between them:

    Support Specialist: A plain, subdued suit, with his ID obviously.

    Finance manager: a white suit with which you will probably not go unnoticed.

    Formal attire: It's that simple, a dark suit with a red tie.

    Open coat and tie: The same suit, but this time it's blue as is his tie.

    Specialist: In his white coat, exceptionally competent.

    Wellness: An all-blue suit with a prize.

    Green suit: this is yours assuming you like military style

    Mechanic: incorporates oil stains on the uniform and everything.

    White shirt and tie: A white shirt usually works well for all occasions.

    Space Explorer: Basically the same as NASA.

    Crisis Technician - Wearing a neon vest so anyone can see for themselves.

    Purification: the typical orange suit that alarms everyone when they see it.

    Overalls: An earthy colored overalls and a dark shirt for a laid back look.

    Traveler: Indiana Jones style.

    Snow Coat: A thick red coat and yellow boots. The glasses are also included.

    Occasional skins:

    During Halloween and Christmas, it is typical for Among Us to send out an extraordinary clothing or skin related to these seasons, and luckily you can get it even after they have passed. Just by changing your PC or phone to December 24 or October 31, these things will mysteriously appear in your stock. Make a point to engage them in something like 1 game so they'll wait.

    Steam Skins:

    Steam, one of the most amazing sites known for the game, also offers you their own outfits for free, you just have to be exceptionally attentive to their updates and informal communities to know what they are and how you can get them directly from the site.

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