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    How to furnish a house in Minecraft

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    • Building a house in Minecraft
    • Furnish a house in Minecraft
      • Essential items
      • Work tools
      • decorations
    • Mod to furnish a house in Minecraft

    Building a house in Minecraft

    Before I talk to you about how to decorate a house in Minecraft, I'll give you some tips on how to add a touch of style to the interior of the building. First, you can use solid-colored materials, such as colored concrete, to create walls or floors with a modern tone. You can also use steps to create raised floors or inlets on the walls, which give the effect of wall shelves.

    Alternatively, using the wood, you can create a parquet floor or walls with an eye-catching wood effect. Also bricks they can be a useful material for interior decoration, giving the house a more rustic style.

    In general, I recommend that you consult some of my guides dedicated to building houses on Minecraft that can help you choose the most useful materials to use for the realization of your projects, based on your personal tastes. In this regard, you can read my guides on how to build a modern house, a villa, a palace, a castle or even a tree house.

    Furnish a house in Minecraft

    If you want decorate your home in Minecraft, what you have to do is build the objects that can embellish it and make it more comfortable, or those that can be useful for your adventures in this famous video game.

    Essential items

    Inside a house, the objects you can't do without are the Bed and Baule. For what concern Bed, it allows the night hours to pass quickly, in order to pass directly at dawn.

    It is also important as it represents the avatar's respawn point whenever it is defeated by enemies. If you are interested in this object, I advise you to carefully read my guide dedicated to this topic, in which I explain how to make it and how to change its color.

    Il Baule, on the other hand, it is an indispensable object as it allows you to conserve all the resources that you collect during your adventures or the elements that are manufactured with work tools (which I will talk about in the next chapter).

    Building a trunk is simple: you need them 9 units of Wooden Planks to be placed in a bank gives lavoro. When you place a chest, you get one with 27 slot available. By placing two chests side by side, however, a Baule grande with a maximum capacity of 54 slot.

    Work tools

    In Minecraft, there are countless tools for processing, manufacturing or enchanting objects: in the next paragraphs, I will show you a list of all those you can build, illustrating their usefulness and the resources for their realization.

    • Work station: is a tool that allows the manufacture of a large number of objects. It is one of the first tools to be built to make more complex objects. To make one, open your inventory and use the slots Manufacturing, in order to place 4 units of Wooden Planks.
    • Furnace: aims to work the basic resources to create new ones, such as i Iron ingots which are obtained from the Raw iron, but it is also useful for food preparation. It can also be used for the reverse process, that is, to merge objects into basic resources. To function, it needs a fuel, such as washed (the best of all), the carbon or wood. To make one Furnace, you need to place 9 units of Crushed Stone in a workbench.
    • Anvil: is a tool that aims to repair worn out objects and rename them. In addition, it can be useful to add bonuses, in order to enchant objects, through the use of Enchanted books. To create a Anvil, you have to place, in a workbench, 3 units of Iron Block e 4 units of Iron Ingot.
    • Spell table: allows you to create spells to apply to books, which can then be used in anvils, or to weaponry o tools, to improve its characteristics. A Spell table is created using 4 units of Obsidian, 2 units of Diamonds e 1 unit of Book in a workbench.
    • Melting furnace: is a tool similar to the Furnace, but it is faster in processing objects, at a higher cost of using fuel. To make one, you need them 1 unit of Furnace, 5 units of Iron Ingots e 3 units of Polished Stone in a workbench.
    • Cartography bank: it is used exclusively for the realization of extended maps or to make copies of them. A Cartography bank you get it in a workbench, using 4 units of Wooden Planks e 2 unit of Card. If you want to learn more about how this tool works, I suggest you read my guide on how to create a map in Minecraft.
    • Stonecutter: it is an interesting tool, which allows you to create special decorations and cuts on resources such as the Pietra, Quartz or Bricks. The objects obtained from this tool can be used to decorate rooms with a touch of style. You can make a Stonecutter in a workbench employing 3 units of Stone e 1 units of Iron Ingot.
    • Mola: it is a tool that allows you to repair weapons and tools and to remove any enchantments applied to them. To create it, they need 2 units of Wooden Planks, 2 units of Staff e 1 unit of Stone slab in a workbench.
    • Chassis: if before it could have been complex to apply textures to banners, through specific combinations of resources in the workbench, using the Chassis this operation is much simpler, as the textures are already all listed, ready to use. To create a Chassis serve 2 units of Lanyard e 2 units of Wooden Planks.
    • Smoker: is similar to the Furnace, but only allows you to cook food at a higher speed. It too requires a fuel to function and can be created in a workbench employing 1 unit of Furnace e 4 units of Wood.
    • Still: it is an object that has, as its sole purpose, to create potions. It can be accomplished using 3 units of Crushed Stone e 1 unit of Rod of Blaze.
    • Cauldron: it is an object that has different purposes, such as that of collecting liquids. In addition, it can be used to whiten a banner or to create shades of colors to dye leather armor. To make a Cauldron, you have to position 7 units of Iron Ingot in a workbench.
    • Camp fire: it is a useful object to illuminate an environment, perhaps by building a fireplace and placing it inside. It also has the purpose of cooking food or to create smoke signals by placing some Hay below it. To create a Camp fire, they serve 3 unit of wooden log, 1 unit of Coal e 3 units of Staff.


    In addition to the objects I told you about in the previous chapters, you can create others with a purely ornamental purpose. For example, you can make gods rugs, using 2 units of Wool, which you can place on the floor to embellish it.

    Another decorative object is the Quadro, which generates a random pattern inside and can occupy up to one area 4 × 4 of the wall. To create one, you need to place 8 units of Staff e 1 units of Wool in a workbench.

    If you want to add plants instead, you can use the Flowerpot, for planting flowers and bushes. A Flowerpot can be created using simply 3 units of Brick.

    In case you want to fill the rooms of your home with some music, you can make a Record player, through which to reproduce the Music discs that you find during your adventures. To carry out this project, you will need them 8 units of Wooden Planks e 1 units of Diamond.

    Finally, you can unleash your imagination by making real objects through all the resources of Minecraft. For example, you can build a television or a working shower.

    Mod to furnish a house in Minecraft

    If you want to decorate your home with lots of other objects that you can't find in Minecraft, you can rely on MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod: it is an add-on that allows you to add many decorative elements and appliances to your home.

    If you are interested in using this mod, you need to download the free software first Minecraft forge, available for free on this website. After reaching the link I provided, click on the item Windows Installer, to download the installation file of the program in question.

    I remind you that, in order for everything to work correctly, the version of Minecraft, of the mod and of Minecraft Forge must necessarily be the same. After downloading the file, double-click on it and press OK, in the on-screen pane, to complete the software installation.

    Next, download MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod by reaching this link, which leads to the site of Curseforge, and press the button Download, which you find at the top, to download the latest version of the mod in JAR. Once this is done, move this file to the folder against that you find in C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft. In case it is not present, create it manually. Don't know how to do it? I advise you to consult this guide of mine.

    Well, we're almost there: start Minecraft, click the icon  that you find next to the button Play and select the profile Forge. Then press the button Play, to start Minecraft with mod support.

    In the mode Creative of Minecraft, you can find all the objects of the mod in a special inventory tab, called MrCrayfish's Furniture Modby pressing the key E. Now all you have to do is choose the object to use, drag it to the quick bar and place it anywhere in your home. Easy, right?

    How to furnish a house in Minecraft

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