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    How to fly in Minecraft

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    • Fly in Minecraft in creative mode
    • Fly in Minecraft in survival mode
    • Mod to fly on Minecraft

    Fly in Minecraft in creative mode

    If you are playing Minecraft in creative mode, you can fly at any time by pressing the jump command. While flying, your avatar will move faster than when walking on the ground. The increase in speed is approximately 250% compared to moving on the ground.

    While you are in flight, you can move using the same keys you use for ground movement and using the camera controls to guide the movement in various directions. To go up in altitude, just hold down the jump command, while to descend you just need to press the command to squat.

    In addition, when flying, you can increase your speed by an additional 200% by holding down the run button. If you do, however, press the jump button twice in a row, the flight will be canceled and you will crash to the ground (without too many consequences, since in the creative mode you do not take any damage).

    The flight, during the creative mode, is very important to be able to carry out the construction of your projects: it allows, in fact, to reach any position without having to erect scaffolding.

    Fly in Minecraft in survival mode

    During play sessions on Minecraft in survival mode, it is not possible to fly without the use of some gimmicks. In the next few lines, I'll walk you through some methods that can help you perform this action.

    The simplest method of flying in survival mode is to use the command console. First of all, you need to make sure that you have enabled this feature, without which you will not be able to enter the command that I will tell you about shortly.

    If you are playing Minecraft on your computer, you can enable the command console in an already created session by pressing the key Esc of the keyboard and pressing the button Open in LAN. In the screen that is shown to you, then presses on the item commands, so as to change the wording on Yes, then confirm the change by pressing the button Start the world in LAN, and that's it.

    The above method allows you to temporarily enable the command console during the current game session. However, you can enable this tool from the beginning in a new game, so that it is permanently active. To do this, in the main Minecraft menu, click the button Single player I awarded her Create a new world.

    Now, type in the name of the world and hit the button Other world options, pressing the button commands to change the wording to Yes. Then you just have to press the button Done and Create a new world. During the game, the command console can be used by pressing the key T on the keyboard.

    If you play Minecraft on smartphone or tablet, in the main menu, tap on Play e seleciona le voci Create new > Random generation. At this point, scroll down the screen and identify the item Activate the cheats, by moving the lever next to it on ON. Then press the button Continue and then Crea, to start a new game.

    On a previously created game, however, if you have not followed the steps above, you can enable the command console by returning to the main game screen and pressing the button Play. Then locate the world you created and press the icon with the symbol of a pencil that you find next door. Then follow the instructions I indicated in the previous lines to activate the tricks.

    During any game, the command console can be reached by pressing the icon with the symbol of a speech bubble, located at the top.

    After enabling the command console, open the chat and type the command /gamemode creative @p which will allow you to change the game from survival to creative mode. You can then refer to what is indicated in this paragraph on what are the commands to enable flight. You can return to survival mode at any time by typing the command /gamemode survival @p.

    In addition to the above method, there is the possibility of using an object called Elitre, which consists of a set of wings that allow your avatar to glide after launching from an elevated position. In survival mode it is not easy to find this object, as you can collect it inside the chests you find in theEnd City.

    Don't you know what End City is? It is a city located in theEnd. It is a similar size to the Nether, but it represents the final point of arrival for each player, as the levels of challenge and difficulty are very high. The End consists of a central island protected by a dragon which, after eliminating it, generates portals to reach the outer islands. On these is the End City, a dangerous place but which contains various treasures, such as theElitre.

    Once you have this item, all that remains is to equip it and drop your avatar from a high position. Immediately after launching, you have to press the jump button to activate the wings to glide. During this stage, you can press i movement keys in conjunction with i camera controls, to change the direction of flight. If you use the Elitre in combination with the i pyrotechnic rockets, you can gain altitude and fly faster.

    Mod to fly on Minecraft

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to expand your gaming experience through the use of mods, there are some that I can recommend for fly in Minecraft.

    The first one I recommend is The Flying Things, which allows you to use flying carpets e magic brooms to move freely in flight. To use it, you need it Minecraft forge, famous tool that allows you to manage Minecraft mods. If you want to know how to install and use it, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the topic.

    In creative mode, items to fly can be found within the inventory tab; in survival mode, however, one is required Phial of Animation (object of the mod) which can be found in the chests, as an essential component for their creation. In addition, for the flying mats you also need the sand blocks of souls, found only in the Nether, and the normals carpets manufactured with wool. For magic brooms, however, you also need gods lapis lazuli, the fir wood, cords and wheat.

    After equipping the broom or carpet, by pressing the right mouse button, your avatar will climb onto these items. It will be possible to display two bars on the screen: one indicates the current one speed which will be reduced when theenergy, indicated by the second bar, will be zero.

    There are other mods to fly in Minecraft. I recommend that you go to the official website of Curseforge and to type fly in the internal search engine to view all those that may be right for you.

    How to fly in Minecraft

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