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    How to duplicate diamonds in Minecraft


    • How to duplicate diamonds in Creative mode
    • How to duplicate diamonds in Survival mode
    • How to duplicate diamonds in online mode
    • Other methods to duplicate diamonds in Minecraft

    How to duplicate diamonds in Creative mode

    If you want duplicate diamonds on Minecraft, you can do it freely in mode Creative. You must know, in fact, that in this mode you can access the entire database of objects in the game. Therefore, you have no need to use tricks or stratagems to get more diamonds.

    All you have to do is open the inventory, to view the tabs that group the items. The card containing the diamonds is the one at the bottom, called Various. Among the objects in the list, you must collect the one called, in fact, Diamond.

    If you can't find it, go to the tab Research, located at the top right of the interface, and use the appropriate text box to type the term "diamond". The search will be filtered showing you both the diamonds and all the tools, weapons and armor that are made from this material.

    Pressing ondiamond icon, you can collect 1 unit of this resource. By continuing to interact on the same icon, you will be able to create a block with multiple units instead. If you want to immediately collect a large group (64 unit), press and hold the key Shift while interacting ondiamond icon. Then move the selected diamonds to a quick slot at the bottom or drag them to the tab Inventory And that's it.

    How to duplicate diamonds in Survival mode

    Stai giocando a Minecraft in mode Survival, you must know that you can easily get more diamonds without having to take advantage of bugs or the like - all you need is the command console, in order to add all the diamonds you need to your inventory.

    The first thing you need to do, therefore, is to enable the use of commands / cheats on Minecraft: if you are playing Minecraft Java Edition, from the pause panel (the Esc), click on the button Open in LAN and click commands, in order to display the wording Yes. Confirm this operation by pressing the key Start the world on LAN.

    If you haven't created a world in Minecraft Java Edition, in the main menu, tap on the items Single Player> Create a New World> More World Options and change the voice commands, so that the wording is indicated Yes. At this point, confirm the operation using the key Create a new world.

    If you play Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can enable the cheats via the world edit panel. If you need to create a new one, press the button Play and then on the rumors Create New> Random Generation. Then scroll through the different options that are shown to you and move up ON La Levetta to Fianco della Dicitura Activate the cheats. Then complete the operation by pressing the keys Continue e Crea.

    In case you have already started a game session in mode Survival in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can change it from the summary screen of the worlds, by pressing on thepencil icon and following the same instructions I gave you in the previous paragraph.

    After enabling the command console, during a game session, open the chat and use the command Give. The string you need to use is / give @s minecraft: diamond [number], followed by pressing the key Submit. With the parameter @s you identify your avatar, while the parameter [number] it must be replaced with the number of diamonds to add.

    You can put any positive number, even higher than the maximum “stack”, ie 64: all the free slots in both the quick bar and the inventory will be filled. For example, if you want to add 200 diamonds to your avatar, use the command /give @s minecraft:diamond 64.

    How to duplicate diamonds in online mode

    If you want duplicate diamonds in online mode, know that this practice is not recommended as it can be identified as an incorrect attitude and can result in the user being banned. For this reason, all the advice I have proposed to you in the previous chapters cannot be used during an online session on a server, as the Creative mode and the command console are disabled by default.

    Also, I do not recommend using any tool that suggests a method for duplicating items, as they may be unsafe for both your privacy and your account. Be careful to play in a "clean" way, without looking for any gimmicks or exploiting bugs or glitches related to specific versions of this video game.

    Other methods to duplicate diamonds in Minecraft

    In addition to the advice I have given you so far, which are those that guarantee you the possibility of obtaining diamonds in an unlimited way, there is also the possibility of using particular procedures and mechanisms for the duplication of objects.

    These methods, which you can find in a specific section of the Minecraft Wiki, are not to be used in online mode, in order not to risk being banned from the server. Also, since they refer to glitches in specific versions, many of them have already been fixed and can no longer be used.

    How to duplicate diamonds in Minecraft

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