How to Download Private Server in Fortnite

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Would you like to do a private game in Fortnite Battle Royale? Do you meet the prerequisites set by the Epic Games engineer?

It is a selective help for Fortnite Streamers and Youtubers that has an impressive number of endorsements in its records.

Step-by-step instructions to download a private server in Fortnite

To join a private server you must have a code that the Youtuber assigns you in advance, it can be given as a gift or paid for since you will have the satisfaction of sharing Fortnite with your cult object on the front line.

While getting the login code, you need to play out these direct previews shown below:

We log into Fortnite Battle Royale.

In the select mode segment, click the mode set by the Private Match host. These incorporate individual, teams or meeting.

In the part called Custom Options, we'll enter the code that was recently sent to us by the Private Match fan.

Step-by-step instructions to have a private server in Fortnite

Assuming that you are a YouTuber or a Streamer and you need to have your own private server in Fortnite, read on to know each of the needs on the most competent method to get a private server.

You have to join the Support a Creator program

The requirements to participate in this program are mentioned below:

Have more than 1.000 supports in any of the stages of video transmission.

Follow the Affiliate Agreement established by the engineer Epic Games.

Require compliance with the Creator Code of Conduct in the Support a Creator program.

Be associated with one of the Epic Games broadcast scenarios.

As long as you agree with this series of needs established by the engineer, you must enter the Epic Games authority site, and click on the Request Now button.

Then, at that time, we register for the round of Fortnite, and put all the data mentioned by Epic Games, for example, the address of the room, the interpersonal organizations, the telephone numbers and the locality where the server is located. near.

We put an X in the part of having more than 1.000 adherents in the video transmission stages. We empower two-factor security to get into Fortnite. We acknowledge the conditions of the Affiliate Agreement, as well as the Conduct Agreement, and press send.

At this point we just have to trust that our request will be considered and supported by Epic Games. This interaction can take up to a month to be approved, and you will be notified by email that your request has been supported and you will obtain the exceptional code that you will send to your companions to enter the private game.

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