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    How to download Minecraft PE for free


    • Download Minecraft PE
    • Download free alternatives to Minecraft PE
      • Exploration Lite (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)
      • The Blockheads (Android/iOS)
      • Exploration Craft 3D (Android)
      • Block Craft 3D (Android/iOS)
    • Other ways to play Minecraft for free

    Download Minecraft PE

    If you buy the Minecraft is not a problem for you, you can install the original version of the game on your smartphone or tablet, using the following links.

    • If you use a smartphone or tablet Android, you can download Minecraft from the Play Store by clicking here directly from your device. The game is priced at 6,99 €.
    • If you use a iPhone or iPad you can download Minecraft from the App Store by clicking here directly from your device. The game is priced at 7,99 €.
    • If you use a smartphone Windows Phone you can download Minecraft from the Microsoft Store by clicking here directly from your device. In this case, the game is priced at 6,99 €.

    Please note: Searching on the net you can find the APK package of the latest demo version (0.2.1) of Minecraft for Android. The demo should work without particular problems, however, I suggest you avoid downloading it, because you could run into disreputable Internet sites: downloading a modified file may contain malware that could compromise the correct functioning of your device, watch out!

    Download free alternatives to Minecraft PE

    Since at the moment it is not possible to download Minecraft for free on Android and iOS, if you do not intend to spend money to buy the mobile device version of the famous game, you can turn to valid alternatives at no cost.

    Clearly, since these are alternatives, they do not go to resume in all respects the original game and, compared to the latter, I may present lacks and / or imperfections. If that doesn't matter to you, then it can be a great solution.

    Below, you will therefore find a list of those that in my opinion represent the best alternatives to Minecraft.

    Exploration Lite (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)

    Exploration Lite is the free version of Exploration, an excellent sandbox title all inspired by the mode Creative of Minecraft. The game has excellent 3D graphics, is extremely fluid but does not have a similar mode to that Survival of Minecraft (creepers, weapons, etc.).

    Compared to the full version, which costs 4,49 €, the free edition Exploration Lite it does not allow you to save or load your progress.

    The game is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

    The Blockheads (Android/iOS)

    If the alternative I proposed to you in the previous chapter did not particularly attract your attention, then you could try to take a look at The blockheads.

    It is a free game that stands as a kind of hybrid between Minecraft e Terraria, another hugely popular open-world game in which you have to explore your surroundings, build objects and protect yourself from enemies. The game has free-to-play mechanics, features similar graphics to Mojang's title, but with a horizontal scrolling view only.

    The game is available for Android and iOS platforms.

    Exploration Craft 3D (Android)

    Another interesting free alternative to Minecraft is Exploration Craft 3D. It is a game very similar in style to the title made available by Mojang, with the ability to shop in-game to unlock new content, such as mounts or blueprints to build. These purchases are not mandatory and you can enjoy this video game in its free version.

    The game is available only and exclusively for the Android platform.

    Block Craft 3D (Android/iOS)

    Are you still looking for an alternative to downloading Minecraft for free? If the answer is yes, then I suggest you take a look at Block Craft 3D. It is a sort of real Minecraft clone, which can be downloaded and played at no cost, but which includes some content that can only be unlocked through in-app purchases.

    Clearly there is no obligation and the choice, whether or not to unblock such content, is up to you. The aim of the game is to build various objects and buildings to bring your village to life and make it develop as much as possible.

    The game is available for the Android and iOS platform.

    Other ways to play Minecraft for free

    If you don't want to buy Minecraft and don't want to play the free alternatives available on smartphones and tablets, you just have to play Minecraft for free on other platforms. For example, you can try Minecraft Classic, a version of Minecraft available only via PC web browser.

    Even if you can't play it from your mobile device, it's a solution that might interest you. I warn you that it does not reflect the current Minecraft gaming experience, as it is the first version of this famous video game dating back to 2009.

    If you are interested in Minecraft Classic, you can connect to its web page. Alternatively, I suggest you read my guide on how to download Minecraft for free, in which I also explain other alternative methods to play Minecraft for free on both PC and console.

    How to download Minecraft PE for free

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