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    How to do TNT in Minecraft

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    • What is TNT
    • Materials needed
      • Collect sand in Minecraft
      • How to make gunpowder in Minecraft
    • How TNT is done in Minecraft
    • Other ways to get TNT in Minecraft

    What is TNT

    La TNT su Minecraft is a very useful explosive that can be used in different areas: for example, if you want to build deadly traps for enemies, to dig faster than large areas, or to create cannons to hit opponents from a distance (such as the one you I talked about in this tutorial of mine).

    It is therefore an important and even dangerous object for the player himself, as the damage caused by the explosion involves any entity or block present in an area of 3x3x3 blocks from the TNT. Obviously, after the ignition of the fuse, which can be done through Redstone or Flintlock, TNT will not explode immediately: they will pass 4 seconds, you will have plenty of time to get out of range.

    Materials needed

    Now that you are aware of what TNT is and what its use is, I would say to see together what are the materials to be recovered in order to produce this object in Minecraft.

    Collect sand in Minecraft

    The first resource you need to collect is the Sand. These blocks are easy to find, as they are quite present in most biomes, albeit in different concentrations. For example, in the desert biome the Sand or the Red sand; in the other biomes, however, it is mainly present on the banks or in the seabed.

    La Sand it can also be found inside the chests found in the Temples in the desert. In any case, you shouldn't have much difficulty finding this resource. Also consider that you do not need any tools to collect the sand: with only your bare hands you can dig the blocks of this material and obtain the corresponding resource.

    How to make gunpowder in Minecraft

    Another indispensable resource for the manufacture of TNT is the Gunpowder. It is a resource that is not easy to acquire, but certainly not impossible to obtain. You must know, in fact, that it is possible to find gunpowder inside trunks that you find in Mansions, In the wrecks, In the desert temples or in the underground caves.

    Alternatively, you can also hope to find it for sale at wandering merchants in exchange for 1 units of Emeralds. Some creatures, however, can drop this resource if defeated: i creepers, the ghast of the Nether and the Witches are the enemies you will have to face to get gunpowder.

    How TNT is done in Minecraft

    Now that you have all the materials you need, it's time to see how to make TNT in Minecraft. First, you will need a bank gives lavoro: if you do not have this tool, I suggest you read the information contained in the tutorial that I have just linked to you.

    To make the TNT, what you have to do is interact on the workbench and place, in the appropriate slots, the resources you have collected following the suggestions I gave you in the previous chapter. Therefore, place 4 units of Sand e 5 units of Gunpowder. For the arrangement of these resources, you can also make use of the cookbook present in the workbench (thegreen book icon).

    If you have followed my directions correctly, you will be able to collect in the slot on the right 1 unit of TNT. I remind you that, in order to be able to trigger the TNT, you will have to make use of a Flintlock or a switch connected to a circuito in Redstone.

    If you don't know how to get a Flintlock, you just need to know what you need 1 unit of Iron Bar e 1 units of Flint. The latter is randomly found by digging the gravel blocks, while the iron ingot can be crafted in a furnace using raw iron.

    In addition to the simple TNT, you can also decide to make some Mine trolleys with TNT. These are useful for expanding excavations in tunnels on which mine tracks are placed. To build a Mine cart with TNT, you need 1 unit of TNT e 1 unit of Mine Cart, to be placed on a workbench. A Mine cart is obtained with 5 unit of Iron Bar.

    Other ways to get TNT in Minecraft

    In addition to making TNT, this item can be found in other ways in Minecraft. For example, you can find the TNT inside the trunks scattered throughout the world of Minecraft and in shipwrecks or as components of traps placed in desert temples or mansions.

    Alternatively, you can get the TNT in mode Creative, by accessing the inventory of resources. If you don't know how to play in Creative mode on Minecraft, my advice is to read the tips I showed you in my tutorial dedicated to the theme.

    Finally, you can also generate TNT blocks via the command console. First of all, however, you need to activate the cheats on Minecraft: to perform this operation, I suggest you read the advice I gave you in the guide I just linked to. Then, call up the game chat, using the key T sul PC o l’fumetto icon on other platforms, and then type / give @p minecraft: tnt 1. Easy, right?

    How to do TNT in Minecraft

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