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Perhaps when you entered the round of Among Us and started to get it, you found yourself with a large number of accessible rooms to get to a match or you may have received a greeting from one of your companions and you just entered the code to enter his departure.

Anyway, now your opportunity has come, to know how to make a room in Among Us and have your own visitors, here you will familiarize yourself with it little by little so that you can achieve it.

First of all, what is a room in Among Us?

The rooms are named as the spaces where the players gather, after one of them, known as "the host" makes that space and establishes its conditions for the game, for example, the number of clients that can enter, the guide in which they will play, and assuming it is a private or public room.

Among us private rooms

A private room is a game that the host makes only for his companions, that is, the best way to reach them is through a code that the host has and this room will never be accessible to any other individual, regardless of whether he is simultaneously in the game.

Private rooms can be done in "close" mode where all players must be associated with a similar Wi-Fi organization to join, i.e. they must generally be in a similar space to play. However, they can also be created in "online" mode, so no matter where players are, they can access it with the code.

To create a private room in Among Us follow these points:

Enter the game and choose the mode you need: neighborhood or on the web.

The options "Host", "public" and "private" will appear, choose the first one.

Click on "Make Game" and start choosing the guide, the player limit, the faker limit and the language.

When you enter the ship you will see a code in the base, that is the one that you have to impart to your companions so that they can enter your game.

Public rooms

Public rooms have matches enabled for any player who is currently associated, as long as they have chosen a language and district similar to yours. To do this, you can also access the modalities of the web or the neighborhood.

To make a public room follow these means:

Enter the game and choose the mode you need: nearby or on the web.

Choose the "have" option again and make the game with the conditions you need.

So, at that moment, you will enter the ship, just for this situation, you don't have to share any code, since the different players will see the name of your room and they will be able to enter with hardly any extraordinary authorization.

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