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    How to build Granny's house in Minecraft

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    • Preliminary information
    • How to build Granny's house in Minecraft

    Preliminary information

    Before we begin, let me briefly talk to you about the Granny's house. As you surely already know, Granny is a horror-style video game available on PC, Android devices and iPhone / iPad. This now famous title has captured the attention of many users for its simplicity and very particular game dynamics.

    The main goal of the videogame is to escape the clutches of the grandmother (Granny, in English) who is not at all well intentioned towards the player. In fact, even a little noise to attract his attention and risk having a bad end, thus losing his progress.

    In addition to the very well done game dynamics, moreover, much of the success that this software has had is due, according to many, tosetting: Granny's house, in fact, was designed and built specifically to evoke sinister atmospheres and to offer game ideas such as hiding places or traps. Precisely for this reason, I'm sure that rebuilding it in Minecraft will be a lot of fun and that the final result will give you great satisfaction.

    How to build Granny's house in Minecraft

    Well, let's start building! The version of Minecraft I'll be using for the tutorial is version 1.16.1, but be aware that Granny's house can be built in any version of the game above 1.7.

    That said, place first 1 unit of Oak Planks in the ground where you want to build the entrance to the house. Next to it, place 4 units of Azure Terracotta right and 4 unit to the left. Once this is done, complete the perimeter of the foundation using 30 units of Spruce Planks.

    Now that you've laid the foundation, repeat this until you have a tall structure 5 blocks, leaving however 2 empty blocks above theOak plank: you will need them to build the front door. Also replace the ground within the structure of the Oak Planks in order to create an even floor.

    What you have just created is the basic structure of your home. Now, count one block from the entrance and remove 2 unit horizontally of Spruce Planks and three vertically on both sides of the wall. These two passages will be the entrances to the other spaces in Granny's house, such as the kitchen. Remember to replace the flooring of the two steps you just created by installing units of Oak Planks.

    At what point, position 3 units of Spruce Planks vertically in correspondence with the fourth block on the right starting from the entrance (i.e. the block that acts as a corner for the right passage). Now create a space for a door by placing 1 units of Spruce Planks next to the third block just inserted and placing others 3 vertical units of the same material to form a sort of arch.

    Then fill in the empty space between the arch and the back wall of the house by placing units of Oak Planks to form a wall and build a roof for the space you just created. As I will explain later, this covered space will be the entrance to the cellar.

    Now position yourself at the fourth block on the left starting from the entrance, just after the passage you created earlier. It then rests 5 units of Oak Steps, in order to create a staircase, which you will need to reach the first floor. Then fill in the empty spaces below the staircase with some Oak Planks, so as to create a supporting structure for the stairs.

    To complete your staircase, place units of Oak Planks next to the steps in order to cover the sides. When doing this, remember to leave 2 empty blocks vertically at the penultimate block before the back wall of your house. Then place one Oak door in order to close the space you just left and thus create one closet.

    Finally, place on top of each Oak plank alongside the steps 1 unit of Spruce Fence, in order to create handrails that make your staircase more realistic. You can, of course, choose any type of fence, but I recommend using Spruce as it is more like what is present in Granny.

    Now that you have completed the central room of your house, extend the sides of the foundations to both the right and left by seven units, using the Spruce Planks. Build with the same material i side walls alti 5 blocks, in order to create two rooms next to the main room. As with the latter, replace the terrain of the two rooms with your own Oak Planks.

    To make the kitchen in Granny's house, go to the left room. In the lower left corner, place one Dark Oak Door and, on top of it, place a Oak slab. Next to this small closet, place 3 unit of Oak Planks vertically to close the structure. Place now Oak Planks to cover the left side of the kitchen and continue for two more blocks on the back side of the kitchen. You can also place a Cauldron on the left side to give the idea of 鈥嬧媋 sink.

    Now, on the back wall of the kitchen, create a forum 3 blocks high and 2 blocks long one block away from the right wall - this will serve as a passage to the next room. Finally, place some Spruce Planks a block away from the newly created low wall to form a table in the middle of the room.

    Now enter the room on the right, in order to complete the living room. To do this, first place in the lower right corner 2 units of Spruce Planks, in order to simulate a coffee table. Now, place on the top of the left wall, next to the door, a structure consisting of 2 columns di 3 units of height of Oak Planks which will act as a wardrobe. In the upper right corner, instead, place 3 units of Oak Steps arranged at an angle, to create a chair. Finally, make a hole in the back wall of the living room, identical to the one you created in the kitchen.

    Now that the living room and kitchen have been created, here's how you can build the back room. As a first step, use some Spruce Planks positioning 2 rows of 8 units, in order to continue building the side walls of the House. For a better aesthetic look, I recommend placing the side walls one block further to the right and left respectively than the walls at the front of Granny's house.

    Place now 2 columns of 2 units each of Spruce Boards in the lower right corner of the back room. In front of them, place 2 units of Spruce Steps side by side, leaving a block of space from the wall, to form a sofa. Then turn left, and place another one sofa composed in the same way one space away from the first.

    Moving to the left side of the room, place a structure consisting of 3 rows of 5 units of Spruce Boards at the entrance to the room, so as to form a table. Finally, place 2 units of Spruce Steps in front of the lower and upper sides of the table, to create four chairs.

    To finish off the back room, stand in the center of it and look towards the back wall. Now, place 2 columns of 3 units each of Oak Planks, in order to create a wardrobe. You can make the wardrobe aesthetically better by placing in front of the 2 columns made up of 2 units of Porta di Fir.

    You've finished building the ground floor of Granny's house, so here's how to start building the upper floor. Go back to the central room of the house, and go up the stairs you created earlier. Now, place 2 horizontal rows composed of units of Oak Planks at the last step and long up to the right wall.

    Continue the upper corridor by placing 3 vertical rows of units of Oak Planks following the right wall, extending them up to the front wall of the house. Then place units of Spruce fence on the external rows of the corridor, so as to form gods palm tree.

    Before building the upper rooms of Granny's house, you will need to raise the walls of the central room to make them fit upstairs. To do this, stretch each wall of the central room upwards, adding to it 5 unit of the material it is made of, until the desired result is obtained.

    Therefore, carry out the same operation with regard to the floors: Replicate the floors below in every room on the first floor, except for the central room you just made.

    Now, place the doors of the upper floor. First, after returning to the central room, make holes in the back wall two blocks high at a distance of one block from the side walls. Then place 2 units of Dark Oak Door in the newly created holes. Perform the same operation on the left wall, creating a door on thelast block before the left corner. Another door will be created on penultimate block of the right wall, while you will have to place the last door on the first block to the left of the anterior wall.

    You are now ready to create the Granny's room. Position yourself in the back room on the first floor and create a wall made up of Spruce Planks exactly in the center of the room, so as to divide it horizontally. Count now 7 blocks to the right starting from the door, and build, starting from the seventh block, a wall that closes the room.

    Place a Black bed in the left corner, facing the inside of the house. Next to it, leave a block of space and place 1 row of 3 units of Oak Planks to form a bedside table. On the back wall, count two blocks of space from the left wall and place 2 side by side units of Spruce Boards, to build an additional bedside table. Finally, place 2 columns made up of 3 units of Fir Boards each, leaning against the right wall, which will act as a wardrobe.

    If you want, you can also place 2 Dark Oak Doors in front of your closet, to make it even more realistic. To finish off Granny's room, place it in the center 1 unit of Oak Fence. Above it, place 1 unit of Oak Pressure Plate in order to create a coffee table.

    Once you've built Granny's room, here's how you can go about making the bathroom. Position yourself in the space that has been created beyond the front wall of the newly created room, and stretch this wall to make it long seven blocks in total. Similarly, build a wall consisting of Spruce Planks on the left, along 7 blocks, and close the room by building the front bathroom wall.

    Now, go to the front of the bathroom entrance. Build a locker in the corner opposite the door, placing two units of Oak door on two sides of a block and placing on top of them 1 Oak slab. To create a tubinstead, place at right angles 2 units of Quartz Steps on the corner of the front wall. Finally, place others 2 units of Quartz Steps along the front wall, to form a row of 3 units.

    Continue this row, adding in this order: 1 unit of Quartz Plate, 1 Cauldron It is again 1 unit of Quartz Plate. Finally, place 1 Cauldron further in front of the right wall, at a distance of one block from the door. If you want, you can fill the two cauldrons using a Bucket of Water on them.

    I will now explain how to create the bedroom adjacent to Granny's. To build the walls, continue for 7 blocks the back wall of Granny's room and then build the rest of the masonry, so as to close the room. The structure of this room is very simple: first, place a Black bed in the back corner of the room, facing right.

    Place now 2 units of Spruce Planks one block away from the door, on the front wall, which will act as a bedside table. Finally, use 2 units of Fir Slab to build a shelf on the right wall, one block away from the front corner. Create now an opening on the right wall, one block away from the rear corner, 2 blocks wide and 3 blocks high.

    To build it closet next to the newly created bedroom, first extend the rear wall of the bedroom and make the right and front walls, in the same way as the others previously created. But remember to leave aaperture 2 blocks wide and 3 blocks high in the center of the front wall to ensure access to the adjacent room.

    Now, place along the right wall, 1 row of Oak Steps. Finally, place 1 row of Oak Slabs on the same wall, leaving 2 blocks of space between the steps and the slabs. In this way, you have just made a full-blown closet.

    The last room I'm about to show you is very simple to create. To build the walls, go to the room adjacent to the newly built closet and extend the lower walls in height, for a total of 5 blocks, using units of Spruce Planks. Place now 2 Black Beds placed side by side in the front left corner, to form a double bed facing the rear wall.

    Now, face the right wall and, leaving a block of space next to the door, place a row of 4 unit of Oak Planks horizontally. In front of them, position 1 units of Oak Steps, to form a desk with a chair. Next to the latter, on the rear wall, leave a block of space starting from the left and place 2 units of Spruce Planks, to create a bedside table.

    Done! Granny's house is ready to be explored, complete in its two floors! Thanks to your hard work, you can finally enjoy your creation and customize it however you want. You can, for example, add some Torches or units of Brightness to create a lighting system, or add a Quadro on the walls to recreate an atmosphere even more similar to that of the game.

    I also want to point out that there are many ways to build Granny's house and some of them include areas that I have not described in this guide. To allow you to explore Granny's house even more, therefore, I recommend that you take a look at this playlist on YouTube which, in addition to exploring many different environments of this building, provides great insights into the applicable decorations. Your only limit will be your imagination!

    How to build Granny's house in Minecraft

    Audio Video How to build Granny's house in Minecraft
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