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    How to build a prison in Minecraft


    • How to build a prison in Minecraft
      • Materials to be used
      • How to make a prison in Minecraft
    • Mod to build a prison on Minecraft

    How to build a prison in Minecraft

    If you want to know how to build a prison in minecraft, in the next chapters I will show you the materials you will need for the execution of this project, as well as show you an example of a prison that you could build in your Minecraft world. The procedures apply to all editions of Minecraft and game platforms.

    Materials to be used

    As for the materials to be used for building a prison, you need to consider using resistant blocks. You could use del Wood, but a prison built with this resource would be very weak, especially at a nearby Creeper explosion.

    To defend the structure from an explosion you could then use theObsidian, using it as the main material or as a coating, but it is a wasteful resource in terms of collection time, as you can only collect it after having cooled some lava with water.

    The best compromise you can employ is the classic Brick block, which can be in Stone or clay. In both cases, I suggest you consult my guide dedicated to the subject, so as to have an idea on which of the two types can definitely be right for you.

    In addition to the above, you also need one Iron door it's a Leva, on which you will find more details in this tutorial of mine. You will then need some Iron bars, which are manufactured in a workbench with 6 units of Iron Ingots. Finally, you can decorate a prison cell with a Bed and also with delle Torches to light up the room.

    How to make a prison in Minecraft

    Now that you are aware of which materials to use for make a prison on minecraft, let's see together how to approach the construction of this project in a very simple way. In the next paragraphs I will show you how to build a single prison cell, you just need to repeat the project as many times as there are cells you want to insert in your structure.

    Let's start, therefore, from the cell: prepare aarea 7×7 digging the ground for a block of depth. Once this is done, fill the area with the blocks of the material you have chosen to use (in my case I have chosen the Stone blocks).

    Now place a line of around the perimeter of the cell area Stone blocks, taking care to leave a block of space to place the Iron door. Next to the latter, outside the cell, also add one Leva, without which it will not be possible for you otherwise to open the door.

    At this point, on the two walls perpendicular to the one where the door is located, place two lines of Stone blocks in height. Perform this procedure on the side where the door is located, but taking care to add blocks only on the right (or left) side of the door and not on both.

    Once this is done, all you have to do is place the Iron bars, in order to complete the walls. Add a Stone Block on the door and completes the roof of the prison cell. You just have to add a Bed inside and of Torches to illuminate the cell. If you are satisfied with only one cell, you can stop here, otherwise repeat the steps just illustrated to add more.

    In addition to the solution I just presented to you, I recommend that you consider checking out some videos on YouTube, created by other fans like you of Minecraft, which allow you to have more ideas of creativity for the realization of your personal project.

    In this regard, all you have to do is reach the YouTube website or launch its official app for Android or iOS / iPadOS and perform a simple search using the terms "Minecraft prison" or “Minecraft prison” (in English). Then click on miniature of the video that most inspires you.

    Mod to build a prison on Minecraft

    If the construction of a prison in Minecraft as I have just indicated to you seems too long and / or complex, you can also use the mod Instant Structures Mod (ISM) to succeed in build a prison on Minecraft Java Edition (the mod cannot be installed on the Bedrock version of Minecraft available on Windows 10, consoles and mobile devices) in a few clicks.

    But first, you need to download the add-on Minecraft forge, of which I told you in detail on how to install it in my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

    Once this is done, proceed with the download of ISM from the official website by clicking the button Download Instant Structures Mod. So choose the version of ISM compatible with Minecraft forge and move the file .JAR just downloaded in the folder mods.

    The latter can be found in the path C: Users [username] AppDataRoaming.minecraft su Windows and in the path ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft on MacOS. If you don't find the folder mods, you can create it manually (you may also find it useful to turn on the display of hidden files).

    At this point, start Minecraft, press the ▼ key located next to the button Play, select the profile Forge and premium tasto Play. If you followed the instructions to the letter, you will have launched Minecraft with mod support and the screen will open as well ISM (which you must not close).

    After starting a game session, via the ISM screen, type in the term “prison” in the search box above and click on yours miniature of the project you like best. Press onbrick icon and finally click the button Place structure, to start the instant construction of the project you have selected. Convenient, right?

    How to build a prison in Minecraft

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