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How to get started in Minecraft

If you are new to the world of Minecraft, before you try your hand at building a shelter, a house, or even a mansion, you need to familiarize yourself with some fundamental concepts of the game.

First you need to know what the mining, what is the crafting and you must learn to do both. Do not be scared, behind these two "big words" there are two very simple activities that are the basis of how Minecraft works.

Mining is the collection of all the raw materials that allow you to build objects, weapons, buildings, etc. Crafting, on the other hand, is the assembly of the aforementioned materials to give life to the tools you need. To build a house, for example, you need to mine the raw materials necessary for the construction of the building (eg wood, stone blocks, etc.) and craft all the objects needed to "assemble" the house.

The crafting of items can be done via the 2 脳 2 grid in the game's inventory (which you can access by pressing the E keypad) or via a bank gives lavoro, which offers a 3 脳 3 grid and can be obtained by assembling the wood extracted from the trees.

For more detailed instructions on how to make a workbench, the pickaxe and other tools you need to create your home, check out my tutorial on how to play Minecraft.

What materials to choose

First di build a house on minecraft you must carefully choose the materials to be used. Each material, in fact, has very specific characteristics, a different type of resistance to external threats (to enemy attacks) and a different difficulty in finding it in the game environment.

  • Il wood it is easy to find but is not very resistant to enemy attacks as it is easily flammable. This can be achieved by cutting down trees with an ax or with your character's hands. With "bare hands", as can be easily understood, the wood extraction procedure is much slower than when it is carried out with tools suitable for the purpose.
  • La Stone it is a very reliable material. It is not flammable like wood and also resists creeper explosions, however it requires a little more work to find: it must be extracted from caves or taken from NPC villages.
  • I bricks they resist explosions as much as stone, they are much more beautiful to look at but require a lot of work to create. To make them, in fact, it is necessary to melt clay and coal in an oven; oven that can be created by putting together 8 stone blocks (leaving an empty space in the center) or find "already done" in NPC villages.
  • THEsandstone it is a material that can be found very easily in desert areas. It does not require a workbench to work and can be obtained by putting together several blocks of sand (for every four blocks of sand you get one of sandstone). It has almost no resistance to external attacks but becomes much "stronger", like stone, if transformed into slabs (joining three blocks of sandstone).
  • A house would not be such without it doors o windows, right? So let's see how to make these two very important components.
    • The doors can be made of wood, using 6 boards of any type of wood, or of iron, using 6 iron ingots. To get the wooden planks you need to join 4 blocks of any type of wood, while to get the iron ingots you can join 9 iron blocks or melt raw iron in the kiln with coal, charcoal or wooden planks.
    • The windows are made of glass, a material that can be obtained by melting sand with fuel (eg coal, charcoal or wooden planks).

If you want to learn more about the transformation of materials in Minecraft, take a "jump" on the citt脿n Wiki of the game where you can find detailed descriptions on each material and its main peculiarities.

Furthermore, I point out that by typing the name of a material on the Minecraft  site you can discover all the characteristics and transformations that can be carried out through crafting. These are two links that I advise you to always keep in your bookmarks, they will often come in handy during your first games of Minecraft.

Building a house in Minecraft

At this point you should be ready to take action. So go to the place where you intend to build your house (I recommend one near the Spawn Point), level the ground (if necessary), put the construction materials of the building at the top of the inventory and ... get to work!

For your first home - since time is running out and enemies are definitely around the corner - I recommend you don't go overboard with the size. In my opinion, a 7 脳 7 square or a 12 脳 8 rectangular building made up of 4 or 5 blocks in height can work well.

Then draw the perimeter of the house using wood (recommended for beginners), stone or any other material you have decided to use and proceed with the creation of the walls and floor.

When done, add a roof to your building (using the material of your choice) and create 3 or 4 windows to have a chance to watch what is happening outside (if it is day, night, if there are monsters around, etc.).

Finally, create one port (so you can quickly enter / exit the house should an enemy chase you) and add some light sources such as torches, torches or lanterns around the house for a chance to locate it in the dark and keep enemies away.

Do you want to take care of everything down to the smallest detail? Then it also creates a ladder to reach the roof (maybe a ladder) and get ready to face the night ... this time you should be able to overcome it unscathed!

If any passage is not clear to you or, much more simply, you want different ideas about how to build a house in minecraft, connected to YouTube where you can find many video tutorials dedicated to the subject. You will really be spoiled for choice, believe me!

How to build a house in Minecraft

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