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    How to build a bank in Minecraft


    What materials to choose

    How to build a bank in Minecraft

    Before explaining to you how to build a bank in minecraft, it is important to make some premise in this regard. First, you need to know that this project can take several hours to make, especially at the preliminary stage of collecting and manufacturing the necessary materials.

    Due to the nature of the building in question, you will have to manufacture a lot blocks of different materials. Also, you will have to add many elements of decor, as explained in the following bars of this guide.

    Among the materials that you can use for the realization of the project, I recommend first of all the concrete: a fairly resistant material but which I suggest you use above all for the possibility of coloring it.

    When you are about to build the walls and any other element of the bank structure, you may need to use different colors to identify the external walls, the internal ones or even distinguish elements of the flooring or rooms.

    In this regard, what I advise you to do is to carefully read the instructions I have given you in this guide of mine, in which I have explained to you in detail how to proceed with the manufacture of concrete and how to infuse the color you need.

    Also, as a bank, you will need to make sure that some or all areas of the building are very resistant, especially to explosions. In this case, you can think about using i obsidian blocks, which you can get by cooling the lava with water.

    This material can also be useful for you to use as inner layer of the walls: all you have to do is add a wall with this material and then cover it on both sides with other layers of concrete or any other material of your preference.

    That said, those mentioned in the previous paragraphs are the materials that I recommend you use for the construction of this building. You can also be free to use other types of blocks, such as i bricks or even the wood. However, know that these are less resistant, especially wood, which is also flammable.

    Building a bank in Minecraft

    How to build a bank in Minecraft

    Now that you have an idea of ​​what materials you can use to build a bank and, in the meantime, you have also manufactured them in large quantities: it is therefore time to get to work!

    First, before starting to place the first block, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​the project you intend to implement. Given the difficulty of the business, the amount of resources to use and the time it will take, it is also essential to set up a draft of how the final project should be.

    In addition, it is also important to build a small one refuge, mostly a warehouse, which will have to contain all the resources collected and the tools for their manufacture. In addition, you will need to place a bed in the shelter, in order to set it as a rebirth point, in case the unexpected happens during the realization of the project.

    That said, first identify the area where the bank will be built. You can choose a flat area or you may prefer to build it inside a rock face. In the latter case, you must necessarily use a diamond pickaxe to speed up the excavations.

    Aside from that, place a series of on the ground blocks to delimit the perimeter of the entire bank building. This operation is essential to avoid having to carry out demolitions during the construction of the bank to expand the rooms or add new ones.

    As for the interior spaces of the building, you can make the choices you want: you can create large or small rooms, have high or low ceilings, create large windows or create barred windows, using 6 units of Iron Ingots in a workbench.

    Also, you are advised to create iron doors to access the different rooms, perhaps automatic, so as to allow you to pass by pressing a footboard, a button or pulling a lever.

    As regards the safety vault of the bank, you should consider using theobsidian to make the room as inaccessible and resistant to any explosion that may breach the walls. I also recommend that you create a secret door to hide the access to the vault.

    Also remember to add gods lighting systems, also to prevent the building from being populated by hostile creatures. I also recommend that you read this guide of mine carefully, even if it is dedicated to furnishing a home, as you can find useful tips to make the bank welcoming. For example, you can add gods computer for administrative offices.

    Useful tips for building a bank

    How to build a bank in Minecraft

    The advice I have given you in the previous chapters can certainly be useful to you to lay the foundations for the realization of your project of building a bank in Minecraft. If, however, you need to take a cue from some ideas, my advice is to rely on YouTube.

    On this platform, you can find several videos made by Minecraft enthusiasts like you, showing construction projects, like a bank, from which to take inspiration. What you need to do is log into YouTube and search for the terms "Build minecraft bank", in cittàn, o “build bank minecraft”, in English, to find some ideas that may inspire you.

    Mod to build a bank

    How to build a bank in Minecraft

    If you don't have time to devote to building a bank in Minecraft, you can speed up this process by using Instant Structures Mod (ISM). It is a mod for Minecraft Java Edition for PC, which allows you to implement any building in its database - including the bank - in the world of this video game in a few simple clicks.

    But first you need to install Minecraft forge, a tool that allows you to use mods in this edition of Minecraft. In this regard, you can refer to my guide on how to install Minecraft Forge, in which I explained how to download and use this tool on Minecraft Java Edition.

    Now, it's time to download ISM. To do this, go to the developer's website and press the button Download Instant Structures Mod, selecting the version of Minecraft you have installed on your PC. I remind you that the version of the game client, that of Minecraft Forge and that of the mod must be compatible.

    After the download of the file .JAR of ISM, place it in the folder mods found in the Minecraft root directory: C: Users [username] AppDataRoaming.minecraft su Windows o ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft su MacOS. If you can't find this folder, create it manually.

    How to build a bank in Minecraft

    Once this is done, start the Minecraft, click on the ▲ icon located next to the button Play and choose the profile Forge. All you have to do is click on the button Play And that's it. When you start Minecraft, you will also be shown the ISM screen which you do not need to close. Start a game session and, via the ISM screen, type in the term “bank” in the search engine above.

    Therefore, identify the project you want to implement in the Minecraft game session, press onbrick icon and finally press on Place structure. If you followed the directions to the letter, the building will be built in a few moments. Convenient, right?

    How to build a bank in Minecraft

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